Everything is AWESOME!!

Met Ol for turkish after work yesterday. We have a proper dingy looking, amazing food one 10 min from home and we decided to go for some mixed grill and dips. Dog free dinner just the 2 of us. Woop woop.

Ol true to his artistic self tried to take some ‘weird youghurt drink leaving traces on the glass’ photos. Went so so. I nailed a good one of him doing it though. Still planning to be rich on this shit one day.

Wool then showed us how cute he can be when he wants too (look mum, he IS cute). I think he is begging for my pumpkin seeds here. He knows how to play it that one.

‘Get out of my space monkey breath, me and hat man are having some lone time’.

Morning view. Life could be worse than this. Tomorrow we are taking Wool to Rye to hang with Ols family but first im going out with work for some drinks tonight. Will try and not be too hanging tomorrow…

Today’s tune: Tegan And Sara – Everything Is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island)

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