Pavlovas, friends and dogs

It was the last day for celebrating my birthday yesterday. Ive been positively showered in gifts and attention this year, couldn’t ask for more.

Yesterday Ella and Stan invited to dinner at theirs. You could say it was the dogs evening. 3 dogs and one of them a puppy (devil dog) tend to steal the attention. Laura also announced that she and Seb are looking at one (its spreading like wild fire).

We were treated to some awesome Ella food. Parma and buffalo mozzarella starter. fennel and orange chicken and strawberry pistachio pavlova for dessert. Not bad having a chef for a friend.

Doggie evening. They were everywhere at the same time. Cant wait for SeLa’s little one in the mix as well.

Lola was put in the cage for dinner. Not like our monster dog jumping up in peoples laps pretending to be a lap dog hoping for scraps from the table.

Ella was training sit with Lola. Wool just sat anyway hoping the get rewarded for his effort. His such a little opportunist that one.

Well, his efforts got rewarded…

When he was not sitting in peoples laps he gave them mournful looks hoping fort hings to fall his way.

As i said, a dog evening…

But we also got the most epic Pavlova ever made. Look at this beaut. I ate until i wanted to die and then I ate some more.

You can see my happy face. Friends like these aren’t easy to come by and I have collected them in both Sweden and London. Turning 32 and get treated with Unicorn heads, pavlovas, birthday badges, walking cards, musicals, pink sparkly t-shirts, sweetie jars, bags and much more isnt half bad (I do see a trend, Ive got a bit of a Peter Pan syndrome and is refusing to grow up. Well, Ill take my unicorn heads over grown up stuff any day)

 I did it! All the candles in one go (good thing it wasn’t actually 32 candles on there)

To keep a semblance of our old days we drank some champagne and cherry beer but the focus were clearly on dogs, food, babies, buying a house and more dogs.

Oh yes, the dogs at the table.

At least I was the birthday girl. Power to me.

Slowly Summer Sighed

Found a couple of old pictures when I was at the country house and felt I just had to save the, mostly because of their absolute epicness. You will see fashion that should never have seen the light of day, hair that you which time would have forgot and the beginning of my love for dressing up.

Baby bro and me playing knight and princess. I like my hair and the way im holding his arm. No way he can get out of saving me. I remember making him dress up as a knight and save me over and over again. He want that fond, hence the grip.

A very nice ‘tree house’. Love that we only got a cardboard box to play in. Extra fancy. Might have to do with non of our parents being particularly handy. Thats when you end up with a box.

Lucia. Already then I was the tallest kid around. And palest. Bodes well for my future kids…

Jakobs face…The clothes… There are so many wrongs in this picture. Kobben must be tiniest man ever to have that proper ‘old police man on the down’ look to him complete with the double chins and glassy stare eyes.

One of the cold summers at Likstammen learning how to swim. All i remember was freezing and the water bugs biting me. And  my mum yelling at me for being afraid of diving. ‘Just jump in’. Eventually I did. Fond summer memories.

Pretty awesome indians. You can see how we are trying to act in character. Especially trouser less. be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Smatten. All the time spent in here having picnics and parties.We look pretty cute here.This was before we painted the walls with Kriss Kross written all over. A slightly more innocent time in our lives.

Midsummer. How I loved that dress. I remember trying to wear it long after I’d grown out of it. Felt like a princess.

Carro’s hair! WTF!! This hair do is simply epic. I think she single handedly owned the mullet.

Im ending with a picture of my gorgeous mum.Same dress I wore for Jossans wedding.

Spring is on the way

Laxen came to dinner last night. Haven’t seen him since last summer. He is happily married and we talked about the trials of being a mixed couple, where to live and how to generally design your life to make it work. Pretty far off from dancing on the pole in Raffles. You know its a good friendship when it survives both.

Oliver made us fish cakes on smoked haddock and I bought ice cream. Yes, ICE CREAM!! We finally have a working freezer and can indulge in that kind of luxury. I think this weekend will be spent in bed eating.

Birthday gifts from Miranda and Rupert. The biggest gift contained wine glasses (finally we can treat people to a proper dinner) and the slightly smaller one a sweetie bowl. I will show you when its filled with amazing sweets.

Flowers and a grey lump of Wool in the background. Very interior design. Especially they scruff bag dog.

Spring is definitely happening! They daffodils are blooming in Hyde Park.

Images of happiness

Found a couple of lovely pictures from our trip to Fiona in Rye. I want to go back and take Wool, he will love running around the beach, chase birds and then collapse in the sofa. I will love eating scones and look at nick knack shops in Rye (you would love it there Dad)

Look at that beach. It goes on and on forever.

Waiting for some awesome cinnamon scones. I dream of them sometimes. Wet dreams.

Poor future kids. They will be see through little ghosts for sure.

My mum say you are ugly, I say you are absolutely adorable

When i came to Sweden my Mum happily told me she finds Wool ugly. She was adamant and did not accept that other people actually finds him cute.

‘He is one ugly dog and he needs to know it’

I dont agree. He looks like a cute, long nosed mouse to me. Everyone loves a mouse…

Chillin’ in bed. Life is hard man. I have to go to the park twice a day and sniff so much doggy bum. Its only that much bum a man can take.

He was done giving me the cold shoulder yesterday and jumped straight into my lap.

Oliver still mostly got the ass though. His betrayal must have been bigger. He is the pack leader and is not allowed to leave one flock member behind. Big betrayal.

I am forgiven though. Back to stroking his fur and giving him food so the cuddles are ON!

This day is not over yet.

My colleagues surprised me by coming to my desk singing and bringing cake and a bottle of champagne. I feel a bit sick now but its totally worth it.

Red velvet cake, my favourite.

Happy birthday candles.

I downed my first piece. Then I had one more. The I told oliver i need to eat soup tonight. So much for trying to be good after this weekend of food and sweets.


Even if I ended my birthday with the crew out at the country house it started with my family in Nykoping. Yes i know, I am very spoiled being celebrated by both friends and family.

Mum, Dad, Jakob and Oliver sang to me in the morning (Ol claims he led the singing of the swedish birthday song). I got my love hearts, rorchoklad, 2 candle holders from Skultuna, one of the bangles I wished for from Oliver as well as tickets to Book of Mormon (yes, you are correct. We are going to a MUSICAL!!)

I also go the bag I wished for from HM. Perfect! Baby bro ran off and bought me a crazy amount of amazing teas and lets not forget all of the Lojrom we ‘smorjde kraset med’ on the Saturday.

Baby bro also gave me a foot massage. What you cant see on this pic is that Ol is massaging my hand at the same time…. Best guys in the world!! My mum hmpfhed being worried it would go to my head being that taken care of.

It was all icy and magical out and we ate a slow breakfast and then I went to the dentist. Maybe not the best way of celebrating your bday but I had been taking care of my teeth so i was happy anyway.

Ol and Jakob went out running. Cant say my man is nothing but sexy…

Ol also got his first Semla ever. It was so good, I have forgot how much i love them. Not to mention biskvier…

After the weekend Ol finally got back to his ‘Wool Wool’. He gave him the cold shoulder and only wanted to sit in Mirandas lap. Ol had to squeeze a hug out of him. Me he just ignored. Think we are on the shit list.

But, the celebrations werent over. Came to work to be greeted by this amazing bouquet of flowers from Jules.

What family and friends I have around me. Gifts coming from all over the world, flowers, unicorn heads, musical tickets, tea to remind me of Sweden, a bag and lots and lots of love.

The weekend of Love

My birthday weekend at the county house was exactly what I wanted and needed. My boyfriend, my friends, good food and the art of doing nothing while feeling like you did loads.

My gift from the guys. Best gift ever! Its a Unicorn head in plaster. It will be proudly mounted on my wall.

Friday night dinner. We ate risotto and drank cocktails. Nothing more needed.

Then some sofa cuddling, there was a lot of that going on. It was definitely a Valentines, couples weekend going on.

Maggie were all excited about leaving for Brazil soon. Excited and somewhat nervous. Big thing!

We played guessing games. I smacked it. The only thing Im really good at is guessing weird stuff.

On Saturday we took the crew for a long walk in the forest. Baby bro and Caroline came by as well. It was very cold and pretty shitty weather. Good to be home.

More games. The crew getting into Carcassan

Saturday night here was another dinner, more kissing, more cuddling and more wine.

Crazy crew this, a bit different from 5 years ago when we were dancing in the gas mask until 6 in the morning.

Got Lojrom from my mum as a bday gift. Very appreciated. We nailed 500g. Sweet!

and watched Melodifestivalen. Very swedish, very grown up (at least there are some beers in the picture)

Good thing it was Valentines. Otherwise it would have been a disgrace with all that cuddling.

Even the horse were at it…


On Sunday we dressed up in wellies again and walked over to Jossan to meet the kittens (and watch some OS)

Here is the juvenile monster cat. His name is Truls and he is a bit of a crazy teenager. But also very cute and happy to play with us.

His sister is more of the careful type. They caught the hearts of all of us (even me, the cat hater)

Love the pink dinosaur.

Jossan is half way gone now. They are having a little girl. I am so happy for them and cant wait for the summer when she comes.

Poskie likes socks. Sanna’s were the clear favourite.

Truls on the other hand was more interested in the camera. Both being in front and behind.

After the cats we got shown the ultimate benefit of living in the country side. Your own chilli plantation. Micke competes with his chilli plants. I am very impressed.

As were the rest of the gang. Micke proudly showed them his hard work.

Like the Trinidad Scorpion, strongest chilli in the world. Its 10+++ in strength. Ol and me were given some seeds for our own plantation at home. Hope Wool wont eat it, cant see him surviving the Scorpion.

Back to the motherland

Wool looking dapper in hos coat. Will miss this little scruff bag when we are away. But, I am also going to SWEDEN tomorrow for an entire weekend at my country house with SanPe and Magrik (sanna + peter, maggan + fredde). Tonight touching ground for birthday wake up tomorrow by mum and dad, little brother and Ol and then food shopping and some booze stacking up for the weekend.

Im jealous of myself! It will be muddy and grey, probably cold and miserable and it will be the best weekend ever!

Today’s tune: Den svenska björnstammen – Hatar allt

Unicorns and gin

What an evening my pre birthday dinner with the Unibet crew turned out the be… Kind of crazy and stressed but then loads of gin and cuddles with Woolly. Pretty awesome evening.

At 5 Ol sent me this picture. Our kitchen. We got a new fridge and as you can see our kitchen were a bit of a mess. Only 2 more hours to touch down.

Me, I went shopping and stacking up on the necessities. Beer and Gin.

The crew came over. Wool found a friend. Anna and her comfy tits.

I got amazing gifts. Raising unicorns. Hell yeah!

I wish I was on the typical Unicorn schedule. Then I would be running and playing in a nearby waterfall right now.

Wool, being the slut he is, then cuddled up to other Anna. He knows how to take those ladies.

Tom looked dapper in shirt and fancy trousers. Same old Tom though. Downed the gin and made everyone laugh.

Got a gift all the way from Canada as well. Filippa sent me a t-shirt with a pink moose in a maple tree as well as a cat card singing Christmas songs. Not bad.

And the boys thought i needed champagne. I did!

Wool being his needy, greedy, cozy self and running between peoples laps and the table trying to steal some food.

Walk to work this morning. Me and my family. Will miss Wool when in Sweden but im sure hell be happy with Miranda.

So, what happened to devil dog you might ask yourself? Well, the dog walker felt so bad for us having to take care of Lola that he offered to take her for free during the night. Win.