Here I Am. Right Now.

Spring is in the air here in London and its crept over that magic 10 degree limit. That’s a minimum. Today its 18 degrees out. Its lovely.

Im taking myself off the medicine again. Im hoping that spring, Woolly, lots of long walks and sunshine will make it work this time. If it doesn’t Ive saved myself a couple to get myself on it quickly if needs be (not making the ‘i need an appointment with the GP and will be revolting in the mean time’ mistake again).

Im planning my summer as well. Between Sweden, walking in Wales and dancing in the Nevada desert I’m sure I have the perfect balance between easy and crazy to keep the demons at bay. Even if one week after BM will be an interesting experience.

For now Im trying and hoping it will work. l wake every morning and check myself for crazy. So far so good. When sadness take hold I hug my man or my dog. That seems to be working.

Sweet Little Mystery

Was home on Thursday and Friday. Down with the cold. Nothing fun happened so I pretend those two days simply dont exist. Lets talk about the weekend instead.

On Friday evening, after a day in bed, Lola came over to keep us company. She exploded through the door at 3 and then there was full on crazy for hours. She destroyed Wools toys, weed on the carpet, managed to break our floor skirting and jumped like a rabbit all over the place.

I find her hilarious. 

Wool finally got tired of Lola’s constant harassing and told her off properly. Almost a full on dog fight in our home. But she calmed down after. At 9 Ella came straight from work and we treated her to some dinner before she and devil dog walked home.

On Saturday we went up to the Heath. Woolly was excited, now he knows the train always leads to something good.

I got attacked by 12 dachshunds. Loved it. I had like 5 of them in my lap at the same time. Love my Wool but wouldn’t say no to a little sausage.

We found a picnic free spot and enjoyed the sun. It was 20 degrees out.

and flowers everywhere.

Even the rhododendron was in full bloom. Thats like full on summer.

I kept dreaming of a beer in the sun but we had ice cream and sandwiches instead.Not like day time summer tipsy but not too bad.

Damn, bad skills having mirror glasses when you are taking selfies. Busted.

Woolly was loving it. Running around on squirrel watch. Worried when the baby, slow ones come out. It will be squirrel carnage.

On Sunday i switched the Heath for the river walk. Woolly was equally happy and I was dancing with joy since there are NO PICNICKERS and I dont have to chase my dog around begging for forgiveness. The things you start to appreciate.

Another warm day, I wriggled out of my black stocking behind a tree and whipped out the vampire legs. Those bad boys are WHITE. I also gave my boots a little sweat treatment. Proper summer feeling all around.

In the evening Fiona and Miranda came over to celebrate Mothers Day and we gave them lojroms toast and asparagus chicken.

You would have thought the weekend was over then but no, at 2.30 Woolly woke us up after having raided the bin for pineapple.

Relalalaxa – everything is going to be alright

Oliver were going to Vietnam for a week. Wool and me prepared for lock down. We set up battle plans to survive without the man of the house (or convince him to stay). No rules apply, anything goes when its a matter of survival.

Woolly worked on his cute ‘dont leave me look’ and I tried to look as pretty as I possible could (not sure if skirt less in stockings works but hey, who knows the mind of men)

Finally, after much agonizing (you can see how stressed our hound is) we won (Woolly and me that is). Oliver is not going to Vietnam (admittedly, its was the money factor and that it went from 1 week to 2 weeks for the same money but i take it as a victory for my vile ways and Wools cuteness).

Woolly and me celebrated like crazy. The party we had. Slid around the room in our fanciest and drank champagne straight from the bottle. All to celebrate that the man and master of the house will be home to scoop up our poo (Wools that is, felt I needed to explain that), take us for walks (still wool) and cook us food (well both of us)


Oliver did a shoot for french magazine the other day. Shooting new music stars in up and coming designers clothes. I like the concept.

The band Years & Years. Love them and the front man is so fugly cute. They are top in my 2014 musivc list Years & Years – Real (Radio Edit)

Look at him, like a little boy that is definitely up to no good. You can see him hanging around a school yard, smoke in hand and checking out the girls.

Love this mega weird skirt. Its stiff and like plastic. you could never sit in it but who cares when its fashion.

(realized I missed the other girl he shot so you get another pictures of the boys. Oh well.)

The photographer himself. Shot by me (wonder if I can get credited for shooting the photographer). Love his little bio in french. Apparently not at all what he said.

Half the joy is looking through your own pictures realizing that you actually like them (he never does when just shot).

Proud girlfriend!

Hanging with the Wool

Monday. Came home after what felt like a long day at work. Died in the sofa with the hound for 30 min before heading off to Havelock for dinner with the Holmses. Then straight back to the sofa.

My little hounds best angle. I find myself mostly wanting to lay on the sofa these days. Reading a brilliant new fantasy series as well, Furies of Calderon, and that always makes sofa even better.

Oliver is going to Vietnam on Thursday for a week. What will Woolly and me do? (sit on the sofa I guess). Hope he comes back with a sexy tan. Oh, wait….

Ive asked Kix to take care of me for the weekend. Who wants to be alone when you can move in with your friends?

Are you what you want to be?

The parents were here for the weekend. True to form the weather were not amazing but Mum got to see the blooming magnolias and Dad got to hang with Woolly. A success I would say.

On Friday they came to dinner at ours. Ol had made homemade bread and lentil stew and me and the parents drank champagne and cuddled with Wool (the perfect modern house hold). Even mum fell in love a little bit with the monster dog.

Dad brought Woolly a squeeky racoon toy which Wool made everyone play with all evening. He was very excited meeting his gammelmatte and gammelhusse, especially since they kept feeding him due to him being ‘way to skinny’ according to my mum.

This is proof. Woolly cuddles up in the nook and mum couldnt resist stroking him. Not even mum can resist his charm.

Saturday morning we took  along walk in Kensington Gardens. The sun was shining and we walked in perfect old people pace looking at all the trees. Woolly got to show off running after squirrels. Smiles all around.

Scones pause before heading into the tourist mecca of Portobello Road.

We spent a couple of hours walking up and down Portobello and mum bought me a dress and herself a very pretty tea cup.

After a day in the sun we met up at the hotel for some free drinks (mum parents love that) and dad read up on the latest stuff.

We took them to the polish. 3 courses for £16. We ate a wide array of everything polish, some hits and some misses, but across the board awesome.

Place looks like some old lady’s living room and there is barely space to breathe. Love that.

In my new dress from mum as well as a pearl choker she gave me. Feel very Sam Cam as Ol call me. My new hair do made me instant upper middle class. Desperately need to rock and roll that a bit.

Sunday morning Ol had to work so Wool and me chilled in bed, had breakfast, chilled some more, enjoyed the warmth and finally went out for a walk.

Ravenscourt looked like a fairytale and I met up with Kix and Ziggy after having played with a couple of lurchers (well, Wool did not me. Or, not entirely true, I played with the too)

Sat in the sun and had a catch up with Kix. She is crazy busy so havent seen her for a while. Things are happening in her life, not very good ones, so we needed that time for just talking.

Came home, slept on the sofa with Wool, went to TK Maxx and bought some house stuff, took Wool for another walk. After that he came home and threw up all over the carpet and refused to eat. I think the reason was a raw onion in the park, it can be poisonous to dogs. He threw up a couple of times and I was really worried but then he slept on my lap for a bit and was fine.

 What a weekend huh. Cant wait for a calm week of sofa and film.

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun

Mum and Dad are coming to London tonight. They are currently on the plane and should be landing any minute now. Ol has been tasked to ‘running up to the hotel, meet them and take the gigantic pot of Lojrom’ they brought. I know what next weeks dinner will be.

Other than that they will get to meet their furry grandchild. Im hoping Woolly will jump up in mums lap and give her a slobbery kiss. She will hate that :). Dad on the other hand have excitedly told me (about 5 times) that he bought Wool a gift (i think they are starting to long for some proper grand kids).

Tonight cooking them dinner at home and then hoping for the lovely weather to continue.

‘Im planning a sneak attack on gammel matte Malle, she wont know what hit her when I jump up into her lap and LICK her all over her face. Moahahahaha’

You & I

Ella took care of Woolly yesterday when Ol was working. Apparently these two little monkeys were ripping it up in the park, properly play fighting and trying to steal Ella’s food.

Love that they are such good friends. Even if Wool is teaching Lola some of his naughty tricks she is really good when she is around him. And he loves playing with her. Doggies needs their best friends.

My night in selfies (that what happens when you have to leave your phone at the door)

Finally came the time for Secret Cinema. I did a quick dress up in the office bathroom and headed off to meet Lollo up East. My colleagues were slightly baffled by my transformation to a 20’s lady.

Once there we had to queue and then got separated according to our colours and taken into different places playing out our part in the set up.We also had to leave our mobile phones at the door which was great since it meant no twitter/facebook/instagram and you felt like you’ve stepped into a movie from the 20’s.

Eventually I met up with Lollo and we spent the coming 3 hours exploring. We saw a boxing game, found a man selling drinks with names like Blood and Sand (it was amazing but VERY strong), in an abandoned corner, finally found someone selling food, met a lot of new people all dressed up like 20’s ladies and gents, were tasked to find someone to shine Smokey’s shoes and had a generally amazing time.

After the whole shebang we went to Bar Boheme on Soho and had a drink with a Turkish guy wanting to be Swedish so bad he changed his last name to Erikson. He had even learned Swedish. A for effort. There were also a psychologist drinking on her own to celebrate landing a huge contract. We fit right in with our 20’s outfits.

At 11 it was time to leave and I came home and made my self a gigantic bowl of popcorn. Exactly what you need after an exciting night like that.

Passed out. It takes its toll being a 20’s lady working with confectionery trying to convince people to pay her just because she is pretty and mysterious.

Amazing night!

Colour explosion

Getting all excited about the Secret Cinema tonight. I went out during lunch and got myself a green feather (that is apparently my colour tonight) and a burrito for lunch. A couple of raspberry bonbons might have slipped into my bag as well.

A very green feather. I hear every 20’s lady had these.

Oooops, not sure you are supposed to sit with a blue tongue at work… but they are just so good.