We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun

Mum and Dad are coming to London tonight. They are currently on the plane and should be landing any minute now. Ol has been tasked to ‘running up to the hotel, meet them and take the gigantic pot of Lojrom’ they brought. I know what next weeks dinner will be.

Other than that they will get to meet their furry grandchild. Im hoping Woolly will jump up in mums lap and give her a slobbery kiss. She will hate that :). Dad on the other hand have excitedly told me (about 5 times) that he bought Wool a gift (i think they are starting to long for some proper grand kids).

Tonight cooking them dinner at home and then hoping for the lovely weather to continue.

‘Im planning a sneak attack on gammel matte Malle, she wont know what hit her when I jump up into her lap and LICK her all over her face. Moahahahaha’

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