Are you what you want to be?

The parents were here for the weekend. True to form the weather were not amazing but Mum got to see the blooming magnolias and Dad got to hang with Woolly. A success I would say.

On Friday they came to dinner at ours. Ol had made homemade bread and lentil stew and me and the parents drank champagne and cuddled with Wool (the perfect modern house hold). Even mum fell in love a little bit with the monster dog.

Dad brought Woolly a squeeky racoon toy which Wool made everyone play with all evening. He was very excited meeting his gammelmatte and gammelhusse, especially since they kept feeding him due to him being ‘way to skinny’ according to my mum.

This is proof. Woolly cuddles up in the nook and mum couldnt resist stroking him. Not even mum can resist his charm.

Saturday morning we took  along walk in Kensington Gardens. The sun was shining and we walked in perfect old people pace looking at all the trees. Woolly got to show off running after squirrels. Smiles all around.

Scones pause before heading into the tourist mecca of Portobello Road.

We spent a couple of hours walking up and down Portobello and mum bought me a dress and herself a very pretty tea cup.

After a day in the sun we met up at the hotel for some free drinks (mum parents love that) and dad read up on the latest stuff.

We took them to the polish. 3 courses for £16. We ate a wide array of everything polish, some hits and some misses, but across the board awesome.

Place looks like some old lady’s living room and there is barely space to breathe. Love that.

In my new dress from mum as well as a pearl choker she gave me. Feel very Sam Cam as Ol call me. My new hair do made me instant upper middle class. Desperately need to rock and roll that a bit.

Sunday morning Ol had to work so Wool and me chilled in bed, had breakfast, chilled some more, enjoyed the warmth and finally went out for a walk.

Ravenscourt looked like a fairytale and I met up with Kix and Ziggy after having played with a couple of lurchers (well, Wool did not me. Or, not entirely true, I played with the too)

Sat in the sun and had a catch up with Kix. She is crazy busy so havent seen her for a while. Things are happening in her life, not very good ones, so we needed that time for just talking.

Came home, slept on the sofa with Wool, went to TK Maxx and bought some house stuff, took Wool for another walk. After that he came home and threw up all over the carpet and refused to eat. I think the reason was a raw onion in the park, it can be poisonous to dogs. He threw up a couple of times and I was really worried but then he slept on my lap for a bit and was fine.

 What a weekend huh. Cant wait for a calm week of sofa and film.

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