Oliver did a shoot for french magazine the other day. Shooting new music stars in up and coming designers clothes. I like the concept.

The band Years & Years. Love them and the front man is so fugly cute. They are top in my 2014 musivc list Years & Years – Real (Radio Edit)

Look at him, like a little boy that is definitely up to no good. You can see him hanging around a school yard, smoke in hand and checking out the girls.

Love this mega weird skirt. Its stiff and like plastic. you could never sit in it but who cares when its fashion.

(realized I missed the other girl he shot so you get another pictures of the boys. Oh well.)

The photographer himself. Shot by me (wonder if I can get credited for shooting the photographer). Love his little bio in french. Apparently not at all what he said.

Half the joy is looking through your own pictures realizing that you actually like them (he never does when just shot).

Proud girlfriend!

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