Relalalaxa – everything is going to be alright

Oliver were going to Vietnam for a week. Wool and me prepared for lock down. We set up battle plans to survive without the man of the house (or convince him to stay). No rules apply, anything goes when its a matter of survival.

Woolly worked on his cute ‘dont leave me look’ and I tried to look as pretty as I possible could (not sure if skirt less in stockings works but hey, who knows the mind of men)

Finally, after much agonizing (you can see how stressed our hound is) we won (Woolly and me that is). Oliver is not going to Vietnam (admittedly, its was the money factor and that it went from 1 week to 2 weeks for the same money but i take it as a victory for my vile ways and Wools cuteness).

Woolly and me celebrated like crazy. The party we had. Slid around the room in our fanciest and drank champagne straight from the bottle. All to celebrate that the man and master of the house will be home to scoop up our poo (Wools that is, felt I needed to explain that), take us for walks (still wool) and cook us food (well both of us)

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