Had a pretty good day yesterday with the whole ‘free secret cinema’ stuff. Soryo has also started to sell take away noodles. Double win.

My bag is packed with 20’s stuff and im heading out looking for a feather during lunch. It will be a superman move in the bathroom coming out as a 20’s flapper girl.

Woolly had a pretty good day to. We had dinner out so once we came back he refused to leave us even for a second. Here he’s getting a paw massage by poo slave.

Took an early walk with Woolly. Felt like a fantasy land.

Its going to be lovely for you Mum and Dad.

Woolly was pretrty happy too chasing squirrels and raiding picnic left overs.

Secret Cinema

Lollo texted and asked if I wanted to see the Grand Budapest Hotel Secret Cinema Style for free tomorrow.

Hell yeah!!

Now i only need to get hold off a green feather and look through my wardrobe for 20’s style clothes and im ready to go.

Since its Secret Cinema everything is very, well, secret. Ive been told my character, where to meet and what to wear. Don’t know more than that.

I have a feeling it will be an awesome night.

Dummy Head

Went to the hairdresser yesterday. A very sweet guy called Mark that looked at my hair and went ‘hm, you know it looks longer if we cut of quite a bit’. Reading between the lines I gave him a big smile and told him he could take off as much as he wanted to.

I didn’t regret it. He gave me a perfect hairstyle all while feeding me pretzels and washing my hair in a massage chair. So nice being pampered and I silently asked myself why i dont go more than once a year. Especially when it looks like I have got completely new hair.

When I came home Oliver served lasagna from Jamie’s and told me about his success on the climbing wall.

This morning woolly jumped straight into bed without even asking. You can see who is the winner in our bed. Ol and me have to do with whatever he doesn’t take. Mouse boy.

My Heart is Pounding Like a Hammer

Another weekend gone. It feels like my weekends are just filled with dogs, long walks and sun nowadays and that goes for this one as well.

On Friday evening Jules came over and we had an amazing evening hanging with Wool, eating pearl barley risotto and talking about…well…everything.

I might have drunk a tad bit too much Gin and tonic so on Saturday morning Woolly and me went back for a snooze after eating breakfast. According to Oliver it was like trying to raise the dead waking us up.

Eventually he managed and we went to the Heath to meet up with Bendice and StElla. a good 4 hour walking ( and no beer for me). Wool and Lola went straight back to their little pack and ran around like maniacs all over the Heath raiding picnics.

Miranda came over in the evening and we sat on the sofa watching Grimm (still sucks and i didnt get a beer for that either)

On Sunday we went to Hyde Park and met little Roxy Coocksey. Such and adorable little monkey. She is only 4 months and barely know how to interact at all coming straight from the kennel.

Elin is the big idol, you are always safest with mummy.

She got pretty feisty protecting her food though and went for a proper run around and play with Woolly.

As you can see she is tiny. They had a couple of stand offs but I would say they made pretty good friends.

This morning offered us another sunny, pretty day and Ol and me topped our 8 hour walking this weekend with another long walk.

All Love’s Legal

Oliver were out climbing again yesterday so Woolly and me ate cottage pie and snuggled up on the sofa.

Reading Brandon Sandersons new book and cant stop. Love him. he is one of the best fantasy writers out there. 

Wool was a real cuddle muffin yesterday. I didnt say no.

Tonight Jules is coming over for dinner. I am very excited. She’ll see my new flat and meet Wolly and I will get to meet her new man.

Very excited!!

Todays outfit: Cardigan, t-shirt, another country side find necklace by M and F plus unmade bed in the background.

Shape Shifter

Since Im waiting for a couple of things at work and dont have that much to do Im treating you to my outfit for today (I hope you feel truly privileged)

Custome trousers, (these have been around for ever, Sanna and me have the same and we got them working for a Mercedes Benz event. Fancy) Paul Smith t-shirt and my new necklace.(Im realizing all my clothes today are free. Free trousers, free t-shirt from a job Oliver has done and my gifted necklace. Win)

Here it is in all its glory.

Ghost girl strikes back. Cant wait to get some colour. Bring on summer.

Sun Song

A couple of lovely things came my way yesterday. Some of them by choice (well, I bought them) and some as an amazing surprise.

My new Las Vegas dress*. I will wear this dream when Filippa and I are going to day parties feeling fancy.

One of my surprise gifts. Miranda and Fiona found me 2 necklaces on thrift shops in the english country side. Love that I have 2 personal shoppers scouring the country side for goodies for me.

The 2nd one. Im wearing this one today. Its perfect for me. Not only are they finding these things for me, they also know my taste bang on. I lucked out with my new family.

This blouse happened to sneak into the package with my dress. A bit more sensible and will look great with my new gold necklace. Im set for summer and tanned arms and legs.

* From sheinside. An american, brand that sell massively cheap clothes but they always turn up (even if you have to wait ages) and so far im very happy with what Ive bought from there. They have a standardized ‘one size’ on loads of it though which is a bit scary. Im a big fucking Swede and certainly not the same size as some tiny asian woman. 

Laura Veirs – Sun Song

Morning walk with the doggy

It was a lovely morning today. Ol and me took the dog and went out into Hyde Park. It was us and every other dog owner in London. As soon as the sun peeks out you see a lot more people in the parks. Funny that.

Yesterday Miranda came over for dinner and we made a lovely salmon and shrimp noodle wok. Recommended. Salmon, uncooked shrimps, thin rice noodles, chillie, chives, coriander and soy. Mix. Easy peasy and very tasty.

Trees in bloom. I fall in love a little bit every time. Especially when they are pink like this. It feels like twirling around in some Dior commercial just looking at them.

The Air That I Breathe

The sun is shining out and Im taking deep breaths filled with spring. Spring is birth and awakening and it does have that feeling when the sun is warming your skin for the first time after a long winter.

I want to cut my hair, colour it, change my wardrobe and walk around in sunglasses looking mysterious. I also want to let the air into my flat and do yoga in the morning sunshine. Some days I dream of moving to country side and have a herb garden and others of sitting in a restaurant drinking pimms laughing with friends in the middle of a buzzing city.

Either way I dream. I dream big of all the things I want to do. Instead of hiding away on the sofa wishing I will wake up to a new day I want to do it all right here and now.

Caetano Veloso – It’s A Long Way