A drawing a day

Oliver and Miranda is doing a ‘drawing a day’ challenge which means the will draw a picture a day. For a year. Every day.

So far we are in week one. Here are some of their epic images.

 Miranda’s are all colourful and magic. Just like her prints. Love these little pink elephants.

 Or wrestler mask bears. You can see all of them giving birth to print ideas.

Oliver’s on the other hand are in pen, naturalistic and taking inspriration from things around him. Like my gnarly feet above.

 Or his own glasses. This is in bed, late, when we are waiting to go to bed. That seems to be standard.

The only nice picture he has drawn of me but I really like it. It catches how I feel when Im trying to escape the world for a bit in a book.

Train Songs

I found the best music list on Spotify – their compilation of Bluegrass. Epic. Today is spent feeling like im laying in the grass, chewing a straw and dreaming of clouds. Not sitting in the office putting together a presentation.

My doggie is the cuddle master. Give him a foot and he is happy. Last night he got scared by something though and woke up in the middle of the night barking and growling at the window. Hoping it wasnt someone in the garden.

We enjoyed Ols Easter gift. Love After Eight. So simple and yet so amazing.

And finally we got to see the 3 new episodes of GoT. Ive been holding my tongue not to tell people Jeoffrey were going to get it. Downside of having read the books 10 years ago.

Tube strike again. They love that here in London. There will be a lot of walking this week. Ill survive, even the chestnut trees are blooming.

Got greeted by sweeties when I came into the office. From work. Awesome!

If you can deal with Monday you can deal with anything

A weekend of socializing lies behind me. I feel exhausted. Im more used to the sofa nowadays.

On Friday night I started out with drinks with work and then went on to Wimbledon to catch up with the Unibet crew. Crazy fun as always to see them. I drank sambuccas and made Tommy dance. At midnight I snuck off to not do the mistake and end up in Poo Na Na.

Pretty happy about that the morning after even if I was feeling a tiny bit fragile.

Managed to get my act together and head up to the Heath to meet up with Tomlins and their monkey dog. We did a sunny walk watching little monkey eat rabbit poo and Wool try bomb the few picnics out there. Standard.

Eventually we went to the pub for a beer and a burger. Woolly did not approve, unless he gets fed too we shouldn’t bother. Monster.

Tommy and his little princess. That dog is being spoiled. But she is a little sweetheart though.

Its really blooming everywhere and next weekend we will try and catch the Isabella Gardens. (better get that picnic repellant dog necklace first or we’ll be chasing Wool all over Richmond)

Love that pretty much all our friends have dogs now. We have gone from drinking for hours in the sun to being responsible people taking long walks and talking about house mortgages. How the mighty have fallen.

In the evening it was time for Kix’s birthday dinner. I drew her a card. Made her look like Gollums and a Zombies love child. I see some potential here.

Oliver’s version of the same card. I spanked it.

We went to Charlotte’s Bistro in Chiswick and I ended up with drunken Stan and Seb. Dream Team. Im pretty sure I had the best seat at the table. Stan and me discussed romantic gestures and realized we are both pretty crap at them. That evolved into me deciding to up my game. I get foot massages every night and dinner most of them. Oliver get…well, me (mostly in a shitty mood. Somehow that doesnt come across as entirely fair.

The lovely birthday girl (and the reverse image of last years i based the bday card on.I wasnt too far off…)

We gave her a dachshund print by Hockney. Love these little fat guys.

On Sunday we went to see Maria and AP that were in town for a french lunch and then walking the scruff bag and sofa.


Went to see Georgia’s latest play yesterday. Well, its was 3 plays in one and they were all pretty hardcore. A man getting challenged on chemical warfare, a murderer being interrogated and a mum drowning her child. Light stuff on a Thursday evening.

Ol, me and Adam were in a white room in Dalston Department Store. Next to the classic club Passing Clouds. Grim room, grim plays. So good it was truly unsettling. 

Georgia was great. Its weird seeing people you know act so out of character but she got me totally pulled in which is the mark of a good actor. If you can make even your friends completely buy it.

There are still tickets. If you want to see something really good and the opposite of heart warming.

Stage. Killed doll in a trunk. It says everything you need to know.

Tired when we finally came home after picking up dog from Robin and Kix. Woolly tried to get away with sleeping in the bed. Monkey.

Slivers of time

Its been a slow couple of days since I came home. Jet lagged and tired. On Monday, 2 hour after landing, Ol lured me out a 3 hour walk. I thought i would keel over and die. But i didnt and it was nice to get out.

We walked along the river and it was so green. Coming back from brown Toronto its lovely to see the sun and flowers of London at the moment. Proper spring. Nice, even if I wanted to die and walked 2 m behind Oliver in black leather skirt and an angry frown.

We went to the newly opened Pho restaurant in Chiswick and Wool, being in a barky mood, got a carrot from the restaurant. One happy doggie. And one gigantic carrot. People stopped and stared. ‘Dogs eat carrot?’ one little kid asked his mommy. Yes, this dog eat everything.

Tuesday was M’s birthday and yesterday ol cooked me soup on home made stock (house wife points) and then we caught up on Vikings. Its nice to be away but its pretty awesome to be home again.

I Want Some More

It was Miranda’s birthday yesterday and I met up with the Holmses for cake and dinner. In that order (crazy people).

A lovely fruit cake had been bought for the occasion. But why is it a piece missing one might wonder? Woolly the ‘I eat everything with or without a pulse’ thief saw his moment when Fiona turned her back for one second and snatched half of it.

Oliver was not impressed!

No harm done, dressed up in candles you could barely see that a big chunk were missing and Miranda got sung to and as much cake as she, as the birthday girl, deserve.

One happy 25 year old. Young enough to eat as much cake as you want. Old enough to be allowed to eat as much cake as you want. Win being a grown up.

For a girl hating having her picture taken birthday is a nightmare. Its carte blanche for everyone to take as many pictures as they want.

Even me catching the flattering ‘blow up your cheeks and try and catch all the candles in one go’ picture.

Not sure what they are looking at but Fiona looks lovely so it made the edit (yup Ol, you can call it a flabby edit as much as you want)

Oh yeah, all of Miranda’s birthday cards. I forgot to get her one, we just dont do that in Sweden. At least i got her a gift. A mugtail. I think they are very pretty. For a second there I was thinking about stealing it.

Woolly, feeling the wafts of success from his victorious stealing, were keeping his eyes trained on the cake.

‘I love you ham lady. But I reaaalllyyyy love cake’.

It got to the point were he needed to be contained less he dive bomb the cake.

Rupert bought some weird russian shot thing. It was pretty yummy. Would have been perfect in the shot roulette. Maybe not so much on a tuesday in a pretty much non drinking family.

Dont look so sad you monster dog just because im stopping you from stealing cake.

Oliver made a piece of art out of the box for Miranda’s scanner. I have a bad feeling we will never be allowed to through away that box. It will live in the basement for eternity.

After that cake extravaganza we went to dinner at The Glasshouse. Amazing food (and pretty fancy). I ate like there was no tomorrow. And then some.

Another cake, another blow picture. Win!

My dessert. Not too shabby even if there were neither candles not fancy writing on it. But it was popcorn looking like maggots.

Toronto – the end

After two days of drinking and partying (ehrm well, going to bed at 11 on Friday) we headed off to Niagara Falls for some amazing nature experience.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

The ice looked like big blocks of meringue and I just wanted to swim over and bite it. Instead I took photos and dreamed away.

In black and white. Made me feel artsy.

There were loads of people there taking in the sights. And us. Looking at each other.

The other side of the fall (I think this was the Canadian side. Not sure, didnt listen that close when Erik told me)

We stood close enough to touch it (and get very, very wet)

Water looking all green and magical

Had some dude take a group photo of us. Not much fall, a lot of us.

Note my hair standing straight up. The Niagara fall effect.

Couple picture!

Since S and me didnt have anyone to couple up with we took each other.

Slightly askew picture. Oh well.

After the falls we went to the Vineyards for some wine tasting. It was pretty grey and not much grapes but that didnt stop us.

Choosing. Me not drinking I was lurking around in the corners instead.

Taking pictures of everything and buying half the store.

There was a little nod to Easter.

The guys didnt care, they just drank.

Lunch at the Vineyard. Delicious. Great picture of the girls.

I got both the boys. Double win!

It was sun. And warm. Finally.

To make me happy we also decided to go to a distillery. Dillons. Booze straight up. Yum.

The girls loved it. Especially my Filippa never saying no to a shot.

Last but not least. We went to some fancy wine place and the guys had sparkling stuff while I sat in the sun.

Last evening. We dressed up to the teeth and went to a newly opened Dim Sum restaurant.

Being in floor length dresses we clearly hadnt got the Toronto style of short short, tight and breast spilling.

Good for hiding shit loads of food though. We took the left over in a doggie bag and gave to some homeless people. They wondered what kind of fancy food we were giving them. Not impressed.

We went to a club. It was supposed to be like Lady Gaga’s living room. It looked like a college students dream. Everyone was 19 and very drunk. We left.

On Sunday before the flight left we went down the the Beaches and walked along the path. Met dogs and enjoyed the sun.

We had lunch at a pretty crappy restaurant but it was sunny and the waiter loved Sweden. We also got to see the Easter parade passing by.

One last look of Toronto before heading home. Pretty amazing trip! Anyone thinking about visiting the Bolsts, do it!

Toronto – the second middle

After the first days of sipping cocktails and taking it easy Thursday came and Maggan and Fredde with it. That also meant the party could start and the shot roulette finally tried. Win!

On Thursday morning we met Mudde (as Oliver have named Maggan and Fredde. Not sure were he got the U from but I like it so it sticks) down in the old Brewery district.

We went to a mexican restaurant for tacos and margheritas.

Mudde was tired from the flight but no rest for the wicked. They just had to go with it and did so amiably.

The sun was shining and we were only freezing a little bit. A win on this trip of cold noses and even colder hands.

We went to the best food market in the world (not fully convinced) and pick up food for the evenings BBQ.

Mudde couldnt keep their hands of each other and I felt like a stalker sneaking around taking pictures of them looking cute.

Before home we took a pit stop refreshing ourselves with alcohol. Cant go too long without it or your liver starts complaining. Its a known fact.

Almost the same positions but a couple of hous and tons of make up later. Guetta night! This was the night it was about to happen. Stacking up on food getting out bodies ready for mayhem.

Glitter was the theme for the night. Think Dolly Parton on tour. We aced it.

The shot roulette. Filled up with a deadly mix of absinthe, whisky, fireball, schnapps and beer. There is no losing. Or winning.

Sanna is getting herself ready. Being Alexander Lukas she only got beers when the rest of us kept ending up on Absinthe.

F took the chance of using her beer helmet. I think it suits her beautifully. She looks like a very pretty american man in a football game.

Sanna went for the extravagant eyelashes looking like a circus princess. Football man or Circus princess? I think both is a win

The dde from Mudde was pretty tired but held up. We were all proud of him. And made him drink loads of Absinthe, everyone knows that cures tiredness.

Still looking pretty well put together. If we only known what another couple of shots and hours of dancing would do to us.

Erik made us all whiskey sours. It was all the pysslings fault (that is Sanna) having Erik slaving away half of the night. But damned good drinks.

Holding your thumbs not ending up on one of the shittier shots.

F is happy either way. For her i think its just a win win.

That is a good shot face.

Even I did my part. This looks like a whiskey. They kill me every time.

Some of F’s friends came over. Poor girls. Looking all pretty and coming straight into chaos. They held up well though but looked a bit shell shocked.

The boys decided to step away from the shots and go for the beers instead. Think that might have saved them. Weaklings though.

Making the girls drink shots. As we do.

This was the ‘you got a whiskey’ sound. There was one for each shot so that the whole room could join in on all the fun.

What a lovely couple…

Jay aka The Dude came by and showed us his skills in Dudeness. Then you have to be able to drink shots like they are water, otherwise you are not a proper Dude.

Dancing with aparagus.

Fighting with asparagus. Ready for club!

Then followed 5 hours dancing with teenagers dressed in virtually no clothes and F and me that definitely didnt want to leave when the night was over. Happy we did.

The morning after was slow. And painful. And grey. I survived.

When evening came it was time for Easter dinner and we made sure to make swedish food. Fredde was in charge of the meatballs. Good skills Fredde!

A proper Easter table.

F made us Ceasars. Love them. Making me want one right now even if its a tuesday at work.

I mean, look at it!

When all the preparation were done it was egg painting time.

We reached for our inner artist and created some amazing pieces. From our end of the table it was people dancing, drinking and very lightly clad.

From Muddes side it was flowers, patterns and ‘mys’. Not surprised…

F had bought us all hats and masks and S looked like a prettier but equally scary version of Donny Darko.

I mostly looked ‘forljugen’ which upset Sanna a lot. ‘That is not telling the true story’ she kept repeating when I smiled sweetly at her.

My favourite girlies.

The guys werent half bad either.

Easter Erik. With Sannas dead face egg. Nice.

Maggan got the best hat. I dont know how she do it but she manages to look cute in a Mad hatter hat as well.

Easter Fredde

Who doesnt want to celebrate Easter with this gang of misfits?

Unfortunately we look a bit more exciting that we were. This is 11. We had all given up by then.

Toronto – the middle

After a couple of days of getting used to the city Monday came and with that F and E went back to work and S and me were left to our own devices. First day was full on shopping. We were so focused i didnt even manage to take any pictures.

We were done after that first day of shopping so went to yoga in the evening (yes, the house has classes in the gym) and then home made dinner again.

S and F checking the mussels. They must have done a great job since none of us got sick. Well done them.

The view from their flat is amazing. And ye, there is a balcony all along the flat. Not jealous at all…

Going to yoga dont stop you from drinking wine afterward. I would say it buys you the right.

Home made mussel pasta.

On the Wednesday it snowed. End of April it snowed. S and me skipped all the plans of seeing the town and went to the museum – AGO instead. Good choice.

Didnt stop us from freezing on the way there though.

Pretty happy anyway.

In the evening we went to a pub for Buck a Shack – Oysters for $1. We nailed 48.

Look at that! I said that i wanted 4, ate 12. That is how good they were.

It was also a beer pub so we took a flight of weird beers.


I mean, who doesnt love beer tasting of coffee?

After dinner F and E allowed to choose between going home or a surprise. We choose the surprise (duh!) and were taken to a western saloon and saddles for seats.

That made us very happy

Erik felt the greatness of the moment (and how very comfortable it is to be sitting in a saddle and drinking, all bard should go for that)

We ordered margaritas and got ourselves ready for…

…the mechanical bull. (!!!!) Erik and Sanna aced it and I sucked. Royally! Didnt stop me though.

Filippa wasnt too bad either. To be honest I was the only one that truly sucked.

1 of my 4 seconds.

Then this…. I look pretty happy though.

Sanna’s outfit suited the place beautifully. Always a cowboy at heart. Or Dolly Parton.