Toronto – the end

After two days of drinking and partying (ehrm well, going to bed at 11 on Friday) we headed off to Niagara Falls for some amazing nature experience.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

The ice looked like big blocks of meringue and I just wanted to swim over and bite it. Instead I took photos and dreamed away.

In black and white. Made me feel artsy.

There were loads of people there taking in the sights. And us. Looking at each other.

The other side of the fall (I think this was the Canadian side. Not sure, didnt listen that close when Erik told me)

We stood close enough to touch it (and get very, very wet)

Water looking all green and magical

Had some dude take a group photo of us. Not much fall, a lot of us.

Note my hair standing straight up. The Niagara fall effect.

Couple picture!

Since S and me didnt have anyone to couple up with we took each other.

Slightly askew picture. Oh well.

After the falls we went to the Vineyards for some wine tasting. It was pretty grey and not much grapes but that didnt stop us.

Choosing. Me not drinking I was lurking around in the corners instead.

Taking pictures of everything and buying half the store.

There was a little nod to Easter.

The guys didnt care, they just drank.

Lunch at the Vineyard. Delicious. Great picture of the girls.

I got both the boys. Double win!

It was sun. And warm. Finally.

To make me happy we also decided to go to a distillery. Dillons. Booze straight up. Yum.

The girls loved it. Especially my Filippa never saying no to a shot.

Last but not least. We went to some fancy wine place and the guys had sparkling stuff while I sat in the sun.

Last evening. We dressed up to the teeth and went to a newly opened Dim Sum restaurant.

Being in floor length dresses we clearly hadnt got the Toronto style of short short, tight and breast spilling.

Good for hiding shit loads of food though. We took the left over in a doggie bag and gave to some homeless people. They wondered what kind of fancy food we were giving them. Not impressed.

We went to a club. It was supposed to be like Lady Gaga’s living room. It looked like a college students dream. Everyone was 19 and very drunk. We left.

On Sunday before the flight left we went down the the Beaches and walked along the path. Met dogs and enjoyed the sun.

We had lunch at a pretty crappy restaurant but it was sunny and the waiter loved Sweden. We also got to see the Easter parade passing by.

One last look of Toronto before heading home. Pretty amazing trip! Anyone thinking about visiting the Bolsts, do it!

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