Toronto – the middle

After a couple of days of getting used to the city Monday came and with that F and E went back to work and S and me were left to our own devices. First day was full on shopping. We were so focused i didnt even manage to take any pictures.

We were done after that first day of shopping so went to yoga in the evening (yes, the house has classes in the gym) and then home made dinner again.

S and F checking the mussels. They must have done a great job since none of us got sick. Well done them.

The view from their flat is amazing. And ye, there is a balcony all along the flat. Not jealous at all…

Going to yoga dont stop you from drinking wine afterward. I would say it buys you the right.

Home made mussel pasta.

On the Wednesday it snowed. End of April it snowed. S and me skipped all the plans of seeing the town and went to the museum – AGO instead. Good choice.

Didnt stop us from freezing on the way there though.

Pretty happy anyway.

In the evening we went to a pub for Buck a Shack – Oysters for $1. We nailed 48.

Look at that! I said that i wanted 4, ate 12. That is how good they were.

It was also a beer pub so we took a flight of weird beers.


I mean, who doesnt love beer tasting of coffee?

After dinner F and E allowed to choose between going home or a surprise. We choose the surprise (duh!) and were taken to a western saloon and saddles for seats.

That made us very happy

Erik felt the greatness of the moment (and how very comfortable it is to be sitting in a saddle and drinking, all bard should go for that)

We ordered margaritas and got ourselves ready for…

…the mechanical bull. (!!!!) Erik and Sanna aced it and I sucked. Royally! Didnt stop me though.

Filippa wasnt too bad either. To be honest I was the only one that truly sucked.

1 of my 4 seconds.

Then this…. I look pretty happy though.

Sanna’s outfit suited the place beautifully. Always a cowboy at heart. Or Dolly Parton.

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