Toronto – the second middle

After the first days of sipping cocktails and taking it easy Thursday came and Maggan and Fredde with it. That also meant the party could start and the shot roulette finally tried. Win!

On Thursday morning we met Mudde (as Oliver have named Maggan and Fredde. Not sure were he got the U from but I like it so it sticks) down in the old Brewery district.

We went to a mexican restaurant for tacos and margheritas.

Mudde was tired from the flight but no rest for the wicked. They just had to go with it and did so amiably.

The sun was shining and we were only freezing a little bit. A win on this trip of cold noses and even colder hands.

We went to the best food market in the world (not fully convinced) and pick up food for the evenings BBQ.

Mudde couldnt keep their hands of each other and I felt like a stalker sneaking around taking pictures of them looking cute.

Before home we took a pit stop refreshing ourselves with alcohol. Cant go too long without it or your liver starts complaining. Its a known fact.

Almost the same positions but a couple of hous and tons of make up later. Guetta night! This was the night it was about to happen. Stacking up on food getting out bodies ready for mayhem.

Glitter was the theme for the night. Think Dolly Parton on tour. We aced it.

The shot roulette. Filled up with a deadly mix of absinthe, whisky, fireball, schnapps and beer. There is no losing. Or winning.

Sanna is getting herself ready. Being Alexander Lukas she only got beers when the rest of us kept ending up on Absinthe.

F took the chance of using her beer helmet. I think it suits her beautifully. She looks like a very pretty american man in a football game.

Sanna went for the extravagant eyelashes looking like a circus princess. Football man or Circus princess? I think both is a win

The dde from Mudde was pretty tired but held up. We were all proud of him. And made him drink loads of Absinthe, everyone knows that cures tiredness.

Still looking pretty well put together. If we only known what another couple of shots and hours of dancing would do to us.

Erik made us all whiskey sours. It was all the pysslings fault (that is Sanna) having Erik slaving away half of the night. But damned good drinks.

Holding your thumbs not ending up on one of the shittier shots.

F is happy either way. For her i think its just a win win.

That is a good shot face.

Even I did my part. This looks like a whiskey. They kill me every time.

Some of F’s friends came over. Poor girls. Looking all pretty and coming straight into chaos. They held up well though but looked a bit shell shocked.

The boys decided to step away from the shots and go for the beers instead. Think that might have saved them. Weaklings though.

Making the girls drink shots. As we do.

This was the ‘you got a whiskey’ sound. There was one for each shot so that the whole room could join in on all the fun.

What a lovely couple…

Jay aka The Dude came by and showed us his skills in Dudeness. Then you have to be able to drink shots like they are water, otherwise you are not a proper Dude.

Dancing with aparagus.

Fighting with asparagus. Ready for club!

Then followed 5 hours dancing with teenagers dressed in virtually no clothes and F and me that definitely didnt want to leave when the night was over. Happy we did.

The morning after was slow. And painful. And grey. I survived.

When evening came it was time for Easter dinner and we made sure to make swedish food. Fredde was in charge of the meatballs. Good skills Fredde!

A proper Easter table.

F made us Ceasars. Love them. Making me want one right now even if its a tuesday at work.

I mean, look at it!

When all the preparation were done it was egg painting time.

We reached for our inner artist and created some amazing pieces. From our end of the table it was people dancing, drinking and very lightly clad.

From Muddes side it was flowers, patterns and ‘mys’. Not surprised…

F had bought us all hats and masks and S looked like a prettier but equally scary version of Donny Darko.

I mostly looked ‘forljugen’ which upset Sanna a lot. ‘That is not telling the true story’ she kept repeating when I smiled sweetly at her.

My favourite girlies.

The guys werent half bad either.

Easter Erik. With Sannas dead face egg. Nice.

Maggan got the best hat. I dont know how she do it but she manages to look cute in a Mad hatter hat as well.

Easter Fredde

Who doesnt want to celebrate Easter with this gang of misfits?

Unfortunately we look a bit more exciting that we were. This is 11. We had all given up by then.

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