Slivers of time

Its been a slow couple of days since I came home. Jet lagged and tired. On Monday, 2 hour after landing, Ol lured me out a 3 hour walk. I thought i would keel over and die. But i didnt and it was nice to get out.

We walked along the river and it was so green. Coming back from brown Toronto its lovely to see the sun and flowers of London at the moment. Proper spring. Nice, even if I wanted to die and walked 2 m behind Oliver in black leather skirt and an angry frown.

We went to the newly opened Pho restaurant in Chiswick and Wool, being in a barky mood, got a carrot from the restaurant. One happy doggie. And one gigantic carrot. People stopped and stared. ‘Dogs eat carrot?’ one little kid asked his mommy. Yes, this dog eat everything.

Tuesday was M’s birthday and yesterday ol cooked me soup on home made stock (house wife points) and then we caught up on Vikings. Its nice to be away but its pretty awesome to be home again.

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