Went to see Georgia’s latest play yesterday. Well, its was 3 plays in one and they were all pretty hardcore. A man getting challenged on chemical warfare, a murderer being interrogated and a mum drowning her child. Light stuff on a Thursday evening.

Ol, me and Adam were in a white room in Dalston Department Store. Next to the classic club Passing Clouds. Grim room, grim plays. So good it was truly unsettling. 

Georgia was great. Its weird seeing people you know act so out of character but she got me totally pulled in which is the mark of a good actor. If you can make even your friends completely buy it.

There are still tickets. If you want to see something really good and the opposite of heart warming.

Stage. Killed doll in a trunk. It says everything you need to know.

Tired when we finally came home after picking up dog from Robin and Kix. Woolly tried to get away with sleeping in the bed. Monkey.

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