Do It Again

Oh yes, you see what I see (dont think about how utterly crap a picture it is)…I went to the gym yesterday (and it has a climbing wall) and then again this morning. First time in probably a year. Hell yeah! After my slight crazed gym thing there for a while (9 times a week isn’t normal) I decided to lay low. Maybe a bit too low. So low that I no longer fit any of my clothes.

So, I am back on it. And what a lovely gym it is. We are subsided from work otherwise I would never be able to afford i. Its got a pool and spa area, the climbing wall, a DJ playing the floor music and the locker rooms are lovely. Good place to start when you are getting back on it.

Other people being good. I mostly farted around but felt so healthy after my 20 min running I immediately started making plans about my new fit me. I have a bit to go.

Oliver made dinner. Might look like dagismat but it was nice. Pork, fennel and courgette meatballs in a tomato sauce with cabbage and pepper salad. Healthy for new me (never mind the popcorn we had after. That is a super food I am told)

GoT and sleepy Wool. Why not.

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