Broken memories

2 things happened yesterday that was less than pleasant. First I came home to Wool having left me a gift on the carpet in the living room – a half eaten garden snail. He looked mighty proud.

Then Oliver accidentally smashed one of my Orrefors bowls I got for my graduation and one of few things I took over from Sweden. That’s the 2nd of my things form Sweden he accidentally smashed (I might see a pattern here, I know he doesn’t want to move to Sweden…). With all the things that broke on the way over from Sweden I have less and less of my Swedish things left to remind me.

I rocked my boat emotionally. I know its just things but its also memories from Sweden. Having spent an hour talking about Sweden, how I found it hard to reconcile in my head that I wont move back and how much I miss family and friends it all became a bit much.

Oliver hugged me and it passed. But this morning I avoided looking at the shards.

Wool doing his ‘I pretend im not interested in your food so that you will give me the left overs’. Works like a charm

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