It’s all to play for

Met Kirsten for dinner last night. To our horror we realized its been almost a year since last time. That is way too long. By far.

We went to this amazing little restaurant called Barnyard. The food was simple but delicious and lets not talk about their cocktails…

Broccoli, corn on the cob and potatoes and in the bag corn bread is hidden. One happy Kirsten loving her corn bread.

Lamb with mint sauce. Dont mind if I do.

In true London hipster style they had decorated with a white picket fence and all the waiters were bearded men in flannel shirts. They were nice though and the food not too expensive so well worth checking out.

My epic dessert. Popcorn ice cream with smoky fudge sauce. That was absolutely delicious. Good thing im going to the gym today.

Met my man on the way home and we shared the tube home with a bag of eggs from Miranda. I know what ill be eating this weekend…

Took the hound out for an early morning walk to give Ol some time to work. He found a log twice the size of him. Exciting.

Tonight meeting Lollo for dinner in Soho and thats the start of the bank holiday weekend. Only plans are in London but it looks like we will be spending our time between birthday parties and BBQs. Sounds pretty good to me.

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