Let’s go outside

It was a lovely weekend. The weather was so so but it didnt do anything when I got to hang around with friends in London.

On Friday evening met up with Lollo in Soho and had an interesting hour meeting some of Londons finest in the bars of Soho. We had someone spill beer on us, got some seriously weird pick up lines thrown our way and realized that no one wins by drinking jagerboms. We were both pretty happy to leave when Oliver came and saved us and we headed to Andrew Edmunds for dinner. A tip for anyone who is looking for delicious, not too expensive food in Soho.

After dinner a drink at Tiki bar and then we gave up on this night. Prett amazeballs to end up in bed at midnight.

Saturday morning came with this epic breakfast. Omelette on farm eggs and mango. Oh yes!

Ol and Wool had a very mutual consent cuddle. No doubts here.

After a slow morning and a walk in the park I headed to Clapham to meet up with Tommy for lunch. We started with a Bloody Mary and the chicken wings and rum. There somewhere it went from lunch to ‘lets drink our way through the bar and not the same drink twice’

Jagerboms. (remember what I say about that earlier. Goes for us as well…) we drank way too much and watched the Champions League final. Awesome to hang with my Tommy though. Next time we need to go easier on the booze.

Sunday was a non day. Oliver went out, I stayed in bed. he came back with this very acid gift for me. That fixed me right up (oh well).

Since it was bank holiday Monday was off as well and we decided to clean out the fridge of the last Abel and Cole stuff. Lunch was squash with rosemary and chilli garlic broccoli. Yes! later we made dinner on lamb and new potatoes.

I watched Vampire Academy with my hound while Oliver finished Moby Dick. Only took him 6 months. That book is like Ahab’s chase for the white whale, you just never get to the end.

Took the monkey out for a morning walk since Ol is feeling crap. We played with a stick. Doing pilates for lunch and that is today’s training done. Im on a ‘at least 3 days a week’ schedule at the moment. Going well (only 2nd week though)

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