Being Super Woman

Oliver is still sick and poor Wool is bored out of his mind. To add to it Ol strained his neck this morning and are bedridden feeling very sorry for himself.

Me, Im realizing exactly how tricky it is to have a dog when you are working (note to self, don’t get dog unless you have a freelance partner and if you do, don’t let him get sick.) Yesterday I took Wool out in the morning, went to work, gym during lunch, straight to therapy after work and then home to cook Ol dinner. I felt like super woman. Today im opting for just dog walking, work, second dog walk and dinner making.

Yesterday’s hearty meal. Sausage, red wine and lentil stew. A one pot wonder. Apparently Fiona is going to telephone slap me since Im not feeding Ol enough. Being on a minimum carb diet and Oliver tending to eat what I do I get blamed for his skinny appearance. I cant help that guy burn of calories as quickly as my dog go through the hommous on a picnic blanket.

The end result. Hearty and stodgy. Guess it was what I needed after my super woman day.

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