Poo pirates

Monday after what turned out to be a recovery weekend for me and a ‘get sick and stay in bed’ weekend for Oliver. Always have to be one of us. Before he got sick we had time to squeeze in date night on Friday night. We went to Princess Victoria in She Bu and had some great pub food. Dinner ended with us discussing the never ending question of Sweden vs England. Its a tiny (well) bit infected since both of us dream of being home and in the end both of us cant.

Saturday morning was slow and Wool and me chilled in the sofa while listening to the rain outside.

When we finally left the house Ol and Wool played around in their fancy coats and I tried to capture them on my crappy mobile camera. Went so so.

My handsome man with his very ginger beard. I tried to take a picture showing exactly how ginger it is but as soon as i came close enough his face colour turned green (blame the jacket, not being close to me)

Saturday night. Ol watched some sort of bouldering competition (who cares about football) and I chose some crappy american teenage serie. Wool still choose to watch what i did rather than the drama of Ols climbing shit.

Yes, its another park picture from yet another walk. On Sunday Ol was down and out so I met Kix and the Zig in the morning for a walk in Chiswick. Everything was sweet and full of summer until the two little monkeys decided to roll in a brand new, stinking pile of poo. Oh yes, they did. Poo pirates. Kix and me had to drag them home and force bathe them to get rid of the stink. First time ever Woolly have been bathed since we got him (Ol have something against bathing dogs). He was not impressed. That’s what happen when you roll in poo…


Met up with Kix and Ella for AWW yesterday. Yup, that is the new thing, an after work walk with our doggies. That is all the rage nowadays, running around throwing a ball trying to talk when simultaneously stopping your dog from stealing food from babies hands. Jealous?

Have a feeling tonight will be something similar. Make a nice dinner (what to do with diced venison anyone?) and chill away on the sofa, maybe go out for a walk if we are really crazy. Dont call me agermeister for nothing. This is well needed after last weeks mental. 

On the subject of mental, all the bits and pieces for Burning Man are falling into place. 2 more months to go and I will be one with mother earth in the middle of the desert. That im assuming you are massively jealous of.

Scenes from my every day life

Starting to feel normal again after my NYC – tonsillitis – Midsummer extravaganza. I could even be bothered to clean up the flat this morning. That my, friends, doesn’t happen every day.

So, what up in this land of mine? Im trying to really enjoy that its summer. Cause it is and before you know it, it’ll be gone. Ive also started to watch Penny Dreadful. What is not to love about gory victoriana with Josh Hartnett based on 19th century literary characters? Too bad my secret depraved teenage love Dorian Gray is such a douche bag. He is an old love of mine though and that forgives a lot of things.

Before diving head first into ripped apart bodies and blood we had some true english dinner. Gammon steak with an egg on top. Must admit this wont be my favourite dish all times.

This morning i took a walk through Brompton cemetery.  Long time no see you favourite London place of mine. I like it the best among the dead and flowers.

In my therapy session yesterday we talked a lot about me missing Sweden and my friends. She asked me what it is exactly I miss about my friends and out off all my mumbling came ‘unconditional love’ and ‘safety’. They’ve been with me through it all and the make me feel safe. I think that is what i miss here sometimes.

No answers or conclusions, just a realization what it is that makes things hard for me. A start.

We might be dead by tomorrow

Finally, the proper pictures from midsummer. This year was a cold affair. But all the girls dressed up in cute summer dresses anyway and as soon as you have a couple of snaps in your body who cares about the cold?

We did all the things you are supposed to do – we danced in the sauna, realized we were a bit too tipsy already at the Midsummer pole, found a midsummer song that was played once every 3 minutes Tiësto – Wasted, sang Bamse without knowing the words, looked at the pool at Bosses and ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’,got wet in the boat and refused to bathe later since its way too cold. We gave each other loads of hugs and talked about what an amazing midsummer we were having. In other words, exactly how it should be.

Wreath binding. This is my worst midsummer skill. Im shit at it but it has the be done. I envy girls who are just naturally good at this stuff. On the other hand, im naturally good at dancing in the sauna. Guess you cant have it all.

Aaaw, reunited again. The slightly crappy looking wreath on Fredde’s head is the one i made. My mini head couldnt fit in it but i stole it back and wore it like a victory wreath around my neck.

This is when it sucks being ‘grasanka’ (you boyfriend being away), you dont get to be in any of the ‘look, we are so happy pictures’. Fun for you guys, I drank champagne instead.

Sanna doing the most important job of them all, getting the crew tipsy.

Getting help from Lasse. That is a must, no one will fill your glass up as many times as Lasse.

‘All the single ladies’. Or, maybe just all the taken ladies on a pontoon looking kind of summery. Right side win on the wreath wearing. Lefties, you suck.

Lunch. Or as Erik says ‘lets eat that disgusting midsummer food again’. I happen to like it. Especially the snaps.

Some kind of singing. As you do when you want to get drunk in Sweden. You need to hide your need for very strong spirits behind some happy singing. It doesnt fool anyone.

Sanna doing Bamse. That is not child proof lyrics on that one. Look at Eriks happy face.

Walking down to the Midsummer pole and dancing. Beer in hand. Scaring the kids. As you do.

I was jealous of that leather jacket all day. I always opt for cute on Midsummer forgetting that i never feel as home as when im hiding away in black leather looking gloomy. Next year!

All up and ready for some frog dancing. You apparently never get to old for this.

Tove and her crew were at their place. I had some bitter sweet moments before i realised we wouldnt get to hang. That made me sad.

The annual rope pulling (cant remember the name) that we lose. Every year. Lelle is trying to rally the troops but it didnt work. We blame it on the kids being so many. Tiny but many. Like strong little ants.

Boating. Very cold when its only 12 degrees but part of the traditions and how else to get to Bosse?

Some even more traditional fussball. What you cant see here is Fabio crushing everyone and Peters devastated face when he said ‘but he is just so good’.

Roger (nope, not Robban yet) and Maggie looking pretty for the camera.

Maggie… even my stand in boyfriend PP? Good thing im not jealous.

Fabio cooking. Due to a slight mishap the meat was very salty this year. Which I told Alex who then told everyone and had to take a straff shot. Very noble of him to take the blame. And 100% voluntary.

The day after at Gamla Ox. A pretty tired gang of heroes.

But that didnt stop the boys from drinking Jagermeister. Look at Sanna’s face, that is one not very convinced lady.

Me and my parents for the weekend. They took care of me so I didnt have to be alone. Not sure they would have chosen such an old drunkard as their first child had they had the chance.

Dinner att Lasse and Birgittas. Sannas being the bartender again and making caiphirinas.

It was a cold but beautiful evening.

We decided to brave the weather and sit outside. They had the best blankets, its was like sitting under a cloud (which i couldnt stop telling everyone, oh the joys of a drunken brain)

Fabio kept coming out and telling us we were behind the team inside on the wine drinking. By the end of the night we had drunken 43 bottles on 20 people and I dont even drink wine. Good job the rest of you.

The girls looking at Maggies pictures and reminiscing about last year when we were all younger and still partied. There is a lot of that nowadays, I think we miss our golden days.

Lasse came out ever so often to make sure we were drinking enough. As he do. Here he doesnt even drink himself but it doesnt stop him from making us do it.

You can see my 2 beers in the fore ground. I only manages to drink 2 during the whole dinner. Dont tell anyone since that is to be thrown out of midsummer for good. Or 5 straff shot on the go.

It got colder, we got drunker and more tired and people started to drop off. I managed to break my 1.30 record of the Friday and actually be up until 3.30. Drinking G&T and trying to stop myself from the champagne.

Money Power Glory

Some more pictures from my NYC trip. For once I was absolutely crap at actually taking pictures but there are some lurking on my camera.

Here it goes:

Jules and me went for dinner at The Odeon when we landed on Friday. Pretty jet lagged and tired but we got to sit out. Overall a definite win.

I had a sudden hankering for oysters and had it for dinner. Why not.

The view from outside our hotel. We were in the middle of Tribeca and were close to most of the things we wanted to do.

Late night walk in New York. Yes, you just have to love this city when you are walking around like this. There is a certain feel in the air that is 100% NYC and cant be felt anywhere else.

If you are going to take a weekend somewhere in the world why not NYC?

The morning after we woke up early and went to Balthazar. Food to take us through the day. Good thinking on our part.

Jules were impressed by her egg soldiers.

More food. This time on the other side of the bridge after having walked over to Williamsburg. We choose the best look out spot to check out the trendies. We tried to pin point exactly what makes someone look cool but couldnt really agree on anything.

Jules not being able to eat had ice cream instead. I think that is a win every time and im sure it saved her through the afternoon drinking.

We didnt just eat, Jules bought art as well. A flying unicorn with sparkles around. Yes!

Eddie came and joined us. A proper New York boy now.

After about 100 beers out in the blazing sun we went for dinner with Steve and the boys had a bromance on the other side of the table. You could almost hear ‘thats what friends are for’ in the background.

Sadly NYC was eventually over and I did the office and the Tropicana time. Here some inside interior shot. I wasnt allowed to photograph in the actual casino but trust me on its epicness

Me and my colleagues ended up in an irish bar making us feel like home, there are only that many gigantic burgers you can take.

Last and maybe least, the Atlantic City boardwalk. Nothing like Boardwalk Empire. Oh well.

The Master Pretender

Im reading a very interesting book at the moment – The Happiness Hypothesis. It looks at some of the old philosophies of how the be happy, like Buddha or the old Greeks, and then put this into context with modern psychology.

Its a very interesting book since it lacks the self help books mumbo jumbo and instead uses old experiments done in modern psychology to give you the fact and actually manages to give you some concrete tips to work with. It talks about 3 things to help against depression; meditation, cognitive therapy and prozac. These three are the best tools to fight negative thoughts.

This is based on the fact that negative thoughts and depressive tendencies are massively inherited. Basically you are born with more or less activity in different part of the brain and this determines if you are more prone to negative thoughts, or are born with the ‘losing ticket in the life lottery’ as the author says.

You might think this is a depressing thought but for me its eye opening and a massive help. There is no longer something i need to ‘fix’ since im worse at it than other people. Im just born that way and only have to find a way to live with it. And Prozac can help me rather than be the medicine I guiltily take when im finding a way to cope. And this is what im doing right now with therapy, prozac and some dabbling in mindfulness and meditation. There might be hope for me too.

My silver lining

Back from Midsummer. Love going home to all my friends and dress up in summery clothes and just be in Sweden at its best.

We were in Djursvik again and have a 12 degree amazing midsummer with dancing, going boating to Bosse, drinks and late night sauna. Just as it should be. It was calmer this year. We went to bed at 1.30 and didnt go all mental the day after. The best with that is that it doesnt matter, it was a wonderfully amazing midsummer anyway. 

Fabio, Sanna and me in home made (pretty crappy) wreaths. It almost looks like sun. Note Fabios puffa jacket. Mine came out later.

Dinner at the parents. PP was my stand in boyfriend since Oliver wasnt there. He forgot to make me drink water in Friday. I blame it all on him.

Peter and me talking about one of his endless questions. Maybe it was ‘is it ok to see your flat get destroyed by a meteorite just to see a meteorite’? Peter said hell yes i said no way.

Maggan and Fredde. They were the sweetest and took care of me all Sunday. Like being a kid again. Loved it. They even made sure I got taken to an ICA to buy candy. That is good parenting.

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

You are dancing in my fever dreams

Been out of action for the last 4 days. Landed from NYC, had a day with Ol and Wool in the sun and then came down with fever. For the first 2 days i could barely move. Very boring and maybe my body’s way of asking me to take it easy. I have been sick a lot over the last year so guessing my immune system is shot to pieces.

Ol and me were supposed to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Instead i lay swimming in my own sweat in bed. Not the same. He had however got me a really sweet gift. Modern fairytale illustrated by David Hockney.

As well as some free fancy stuff from Estee Lauder. Yes please. Not that I had any use of neither lipstick, old serum or perfume were I lay.

Wednesday and I started feeling better. Good thing since I needed to be good for today – going home to sweden for midsummer and for a second there I thought i would have to give it a miss. I was pretty bored and celebrated that by putting glasses on my dog. The true joy of being a dog owner.

One of Ol’s gifts from NYC, a bicycle t-shirt. He loves that stuff. Feel a bit bad about saying goodbye again after being home for barely a week were most of it have been spent sleeping or throwing him out of bed (yes, I had a moment in my worst fever sweats when I didnt know how I would survive if i didnt get to roll over on his dry side of the bed. So, I threw him out. To my defense it was 10 in the morning.)

The saga continues

At the moment livin it up in New Jersey. Gangsta. Or not so much. Not much to do here, I pass between the office, the gym and wherever floats my boat to have dinner.

The view from the gym at the 11th floor in my building. Two mornings in a row I’ve been sweating away. The upside of going to bed at 10. And yes, you see the weather. Woop woop

My view when walking to the office. I’ll give it that it’s pretty cool. And misty. Hoping to see some crazy stuff in AC tonight since we are going out for drinks. 
Peace out. 

The first weekend of awesomeness

NYC is, like always, all I dream of. This time even the flight had me in a blissful daze. I was in premium economy and got offered prosecco on boarding. Oh yeah.

I even got little salt and pepper holders in shape of planes (don’t mind the disgusting napkin). Plane ride was a breeze and I landed happily in Newark to meet up with Jules.

Our first night we were both pretty tired so we checked in at the hotel in TriBeCa and then headed for dinner at the odeon down the road. By ten we were happily back in bed getting our sleep on. 

Saturday morning we jumped out bed (yes we did, remember we went to bed at ten) and went out to do NYC. We started with brekkie at Balthazar.

Egg soldiers motherf**kers. Ace breakfast, too bad I spilled egg all over my t-shirt and kept flaunting that round the fancy stores of Manhattan.

After shopping ninja style (2 very effective hours) we headed done to Williamsburg for lunch and beer. We accidentally happened upon smorgasburg. As you do. Too much people for us but a funny sign.

Instead we went up the top of urban outfitters to a hidden roof top and went straight for the beers. In the sun. Blazing sun. Not a great combo but pretty epic anyway.

Eddie came. He brought unicorn cigarettes. Reminded me off being 18 smoking these feeling very cool. 

We drank more beer. Eddies friend Cindy came as well and after a couple of more drinks we went to a Japanese restaurant to meets up with another of Eddies friends, Steve. Dinner and then out into the hipstery williamsburg night. We were tired. I fell asleep at the bar around 1 o clock. Time to go home. 

Another great breakfast. We were heading for buvette but it was full so we just had one of those random, gigantic, American breakfasts. 

After that we went to MoMa and looked at weird modern art. It’s a must when in NYC. On the way there Jules got very frustrated by not knowing what all the Puerto Rico clad people were all about. Since she didn’t dare to ask she will live with the unknown for the rest of her life. Harsh. 
We ended our little NYC weekend with dinner around the corner and then I headed out to my hotel in NJ. Pretty epic. 
Today going down to Atlantic City to watch oxygen mask carrying Americans play away all their money. Can’t wait.