The first weekend of awesomeness

NYC is, like always, all I dream of. This time even the flight had me in a blissful daze. I was in premium economy and got offered prosecco on boarding. Oh yeah.

I even got little salt and pepper holders in shape of planes (don’t mind the disgusting napkin). Plane ride was a breeze and I landed happily in Newark to meet up with Jules.

Our first night we were both pretty tired so we checked in at the hotel in TriBeCa and then headed for dinner at the odeon down the road. By ten we were happily back in bed getting our sleep on. 

Saturday morning we jumped out bed (yes we did, remember we went to bed at ten) and went out to do NYC. We started with brekkie at Balthazar.

Egg soldiers motherf**kers. Ace breakfast, too bad I spilled egg all over my t-shirt and kept flaunting that round the fancy stores of Manhattan.

After shopping ninja style (2 very effective hours) we headed done to Williamsburg for lunch and beer. We accidentally happened upon smorgasburg. As you do. Too much people for us but a funny sign.

Instead we went up the top of urban outfitters to a hidden roof top and went straight for the beers. In the sun. Blazing sun. Not a great combo but pretty epic anyway.

Eddie came. He brought unicorn cigarettes. Reminded me off being 18 smoking these feeling very cool. 

We drank more beer. Eddies friend Cindy came as well and after a couple of more drinks we went to a Japanese restaurant to meets up with another of Eddies friends, Steve. Dinner and then out into the hipstery williamsburg night. We were tired. I fell asleep at the bar around 1 o clock. Time to go home. 

Another great breakfast. We were heading for buvette but it was full so we just had one of those random, gigantic, American breakfasts. 

After that we went to MoMa and looked at weird modern art. It’s a must when in NYC. On the way there Jules got very frustrated by not knowing what all the Puerto Rico clad people were all about. Since she didn’t dare to ask she will live with the unknown for the rest of her life. Harsh. 
We ended our little NYC weekend with dinner around the corner and then I headed out to my hotel in NJ. Pretty epic. 
Today going down to Atlantic City to watch oxygen mask carrying Americans play away all their money. Can’t wait. 

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