My silver lining

Back from Midsummer. Love going home to all my friends and dress up in summery clothes and just be in Sweden at its best.

We were in Djursvik again and have a 12 degree amazing midsummer with dancing, going boating to Bosse, drinks and late night sauna. Just as it should be. It was calmer this year. We went to bed at 1.30 and didnt go all mental the day after. The best with that is that it doesnt matter, it was a wonderfully amazing midsummer anyway. 

Fabio, Sanna and me in home made (pretty crappy) wreaths. It almost looks like sun. Note Fabios puffa jacket. Mine came out later.

Dinner at the parents. PP was my stand in boyfriend since Oliver wasnt there. He forgot to make me drink water in Friday. I blame it all on him.

Peter and me talking about one of his endless questions. Maybe it was ‘is it ok to see your flat get destroyed by a meteorite just to see a meteorite’? Peter said hell yes i said no way.

Maggan and Fredde. They were the sweetest and took care of me all Sunday. Like being a kid again. Loved it. They even made sure I got taken to an ICA to buy candy. That is good parenting.

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

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