The Master Pretender

Im reading a very interesting book at the moment – The Happiness Hypothesis. It looks at some of the old philosophies of how the be happy, like Buddha or the old Greeks, and then put this into context with modern psychology.

Its a very interesting book since it lacks the self help books mumbo jumbo and instead uses old experiments done in modern psychology to give you the fact and actually manages to give you some concrete tips to work with. It talks about 3 things to help against depression; meditation, cognitive therapy and prozac. These three are the best tools to fight negative thoughts.

This is based on the fact that negative thoughts and depressive tendencies are massively inherited. Basically you are born with more or less activity in different part of the brain and this determines if you are more prone to negative thoughts, or are born with the ‘losing ticket in the life lottery’ as the author says.

You might think this is a depressing thought but for me its eye opening and a massive help. There is no longer something i need to ‘fix’ since im worse at it than other people. Im just born that way and only have to find a way to live with it. And Prozac can help me rather than be the medicine I guiltily take when im finding a way to cope. And this is what im doing right now with therapy, prozac and some dabbling in mindfulness and meditation. There might be hope for me too.

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