Scenes from my every day life

Starting to feel normal again after my NYC – tonsillitis – Midsummer extravaganza. I could even be bothered to clean up the flat this morning. That my, friends, doesn’t happen every day.

So, what up in this land of mine? Im trying to really enjoy that its summer. Cause it is and before you know it, it’ll be gone. Ive also started to watch Penny Dreadful. What is not to love about gory victoriana with Josh Hartnett based on 19th century literary characters? Too bad my secret depraved teenage love Dorian Gray is such a douche bag. He is an old love of mine though and that forgives a lot of things.

Before diving head first into ripped apart bodies and blood we had some true english dinner. Gammon steak with an egg on top. Must admit this wont be my favourite dish all times.

This morning i took a walk through Brompton cemetery.  Long time no see you favourite London place of mine. I like it the best among the dead and flowers.

In my therapy session yesterday we talked a lot about me missing Sweden and my friends. She asked me what it is exactly I miss about my friends and out off all my mumbling came ‘unconditional love’ and ‘safety’. They’ve been with me through it all and the make me feel safe. I think that is what i miss here sometimes.

No answers or conclusions, just a realization what it is that makes things hard for me. A start.

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