Pursuit of happiness

Went out with the Unibet crew last night (even if none of us actually work at unibet any longer. At least one amazing thing came out of it, my crew of rag tag London friends).

We went to a pub in Clapham (the scene for mine and Tom’s total piss up a couple of months ago) to watch the game, catch up and drink G&T. Success.

As always many plans to travel the world together and I think next stop is Denmark even if I wont be able to go. With these guys there will definitely be more chances. After what felt like hours on the night bus I was home with Oliver and dogs.

Yes, dogs plural since we are taking care of the Ziglet. Sleeping with both of these monkeys in bed didnt make for great sleep but its kind of cozy. Tonight its my turn to be home and take care of the while Ol is out mingling around at a fancy launch party for a new fashion magazine called Puss Puss. Its fashion and cats. Yes, you heard me. 

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