Cat fashion and dog fights

Full house with the doglings and today finally, the invasion starts. Last night Ol was off being fashion with trendy cat people (the launch of the cat fashion magazine puss puss) and I stayed put on the sofa with my fly open eating cherries from my stomach and watching Netflix. Oh, how our worlds differ.

Zig had a bit of a possessive moment and kept nipping at Wool when he came near to show that he was alpha dog (Zig!? I know, dont know what happened) so I had to go between bedroom where wool were and living room were Zig with sitting like a king on the sofa to make sure the little sausage didnt think he owned the world. Wool were mostly sleeping anyway.

Actual night time sleeping were interesting. Both dogs were running in and out of bed all night. Good thing is that Zig sleeps by the face and Wool by the feet. No fighting. I woke up having Zig literally in my face a couple of times and Ol had a surreal experience of Zig crawling over to me taking the way over Ols face sliding his stomach like a little eel all over Ols face.

Looking forward to the coming 5 days with 2 kids instead.

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