Relax, take it easy

Went to Oliver’s friend Dan’s exhibition Absurd Observations in Camden yesterday. They have gone to Bestival and taken pictures of all the amazing people in fancy dress. Laura and me immediately decided that next year we are going. It made me want to dress up and dance forever. If you are in the area pop in and get inspired to bring out the best you.

We started by downing a falafel wrap at the hippie cafe next door. Love hippie places. I think im secretly a hippie at heart growing up in the massively commercialized 00’s. One day i will find my true calling and i’ll be living out of a yoga studio making art with weird parts of my body.

Go! I dont think anyone can see this and not want to dress up. I’m thinking of all the parties i want to throw like a mini festival in our flat with different music in each room.

Florence from Florence and the machine in the best outfit ever. If i got to look like this on BM i would die happy.

Mika. I had forgot about him but now I want to live in the world he creates with his happy music forever. Todays tune: MIKA – Happy Ending

Steve, his girlfriend Magda and Laura listening intently att something Ol is saying. Once Rob the Bank started playing it turned into a school disco with everyone going a bit shy but when we left the young party crowd showed up. Time to evacuate.

He was playing 90’s hip hip tunes and it brought me right back to being 15. It even looks like it.

Laura and me tried the cool street look. I think the american girl’s got it down. Not so much for the posh swede.

Ice cream afterwards. A must when the summer nights are crazy warm.

Laura went for the cone in cup extravaganza and i kept rinsing her being secretly very jealous.

On the tube home at 10, 3 beers down the line. Pretty perfect tuesday night. If my life was only dancing between festivals and going to art exhibitions. I should have become a photographer. Or just Ol’s assistant.

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