Dancing on air and sun

I was so happy yesterday. You know that feeling when you get filled up with the awesomeness of living. Everything feels bright and you just want to smile you biggest smile to the world. I had that. It was a long time ago I could be in the moment like that and just be overtaken by happiness.

I walked to my therapist in my princess skirt and spent the whole session talking about how it feels like im finding my way back to my core. Thats been one of the things ive found the hardest, somewhere along the way I fought so hard to be happy and the best version of me that I forgot what I actually wanted and what really makes me happy. When you force yourself to be and feel something you lose the ability to just be. Thats what im looking for, my inner dog who knows exactly what i want at any given moment and pursue it (minus the ass licking and food stealing)

After my session I met up with Dani to plan BM. How I have missed Dani. There is an energy to her that always makes me want to take on the world. With her I think i can do anything, be anyone. We planned life. But not in a ‘2 babies, career, money’ kind of way but in the ‘we are just hippies at heart and as long as we can keep meeting amazing people and be the people we are we will be happy’ kind of way. The best way if you ask me.

Then we drank free watermelon cocktails at Eclipse and decided that Burning Man might have to happen every year minus mini baby years.

This morning Ol got to dress me. He made me look like a 90’s child. His excuse was that ‘You have been out drinking for 2 nights in a row, better look the part’. I am, no one can take me seriously in this outfit. Good thing im presenting a strategy today.

Sun! This have been the best summer in I dont know how long. The sun keeps on making me feel amazing and now I only need holiday and life will be pretty damn perfect.

Today’s power song MIKA – Heroes

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