Charity afternoon tea for Parkinsons

On Saturday Ol and me were off to the far East for a very good cause, a charity event for Parkinson’s.

Tomlins friend Anthony were hosting a high tea garden party all in the name of charity. It was amazing. Imagine an english high summer dream of a garden with bunting and cute, delicious mini cakes making your taste buds go ‘OMFG’ all while your brain is trying to convince your stomach that yes, you can take at least one more before that critical mass off too full to function.

It was about 25 people in their garden and they had rented china, tables and chairs to make this an absolute dream.

(yes, I have stolen these pictures of other people’s instagram. That is the type of person I am)

I mean, look at that stuff. The ball thingies were liquid chesecake mixed with carrot cake with white chocolate crumble.

Im going to let you dream about that for a while…

and if that was not enough, the other little thing you see is a banana, chocolate cake that melted (might have been the 30 degrees) in your mouth.

The host himself. I was very impressed. This put all my party hosting tries to shame. I have to up my game i think. We are definitely coming back an supporting the next go.

Is it ok if i want to move in and live in that garden for ever? It looks like an Alice in wonderland paradise where you just wait for the mad hatter to greet you with a big smile and you can live in a white dress reading books pretty much all of the time.

Tea, sangria and beer. And 30 degrees sun. Add 100 cakes on top of that and you have a recipe for overheating all while loving every second of it.

There were some savoury bits as well. Home made sausage rolls, bagels and spinach tarts.

The Tomlins. Tom were pretty optimistic in that sweltering red flannel shirt. He had to change. he was not the only one, Elias wardrobe got raided by men realising that vests are a win in the sun.

Some went for the slightly more asian look of umbrellas.

Oliver, being a true vampire, found the only shade in the garden and stayed there.

There was also a photo booth and Roxy the prop were ready to rock and rumble for her performance.

I get hungry just looking at that. I thought id would only like to eat lemon water for a month but i wouldnt say no to a mini scone right now.

Caught some soft evening light on Olivers face going home after 10 hours eating the most delicious things and having a great time.

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