Yes, im leaving tomorrow and going straight to the agencies

Got an email from a colleague today. She is leaving the company and I wrote her an email saying im sorry to see her go.

She sent this back to me

There are so many questions here. Is that really the first thing you write to someone you barely know? Does she know im 32? and in that case, modelling! Also, from CRM Manager to modelling, I wonder how she worked that one out. Its not like ive been implying of want to follow my dream of say..modelling.

On the plus side, she could have said ‘you should work with people’ like an old boss did will firing me implying im not smart enough for business (i just hated the job, danish customer support is not my strong side).

In the down side, Oliver’s ‘thats just really weird, why would she say that? Does she realise that you are way too old for modelling, like missed the boat with 15 years. Well, I guess you could be like a phone company model, they want normal, old girls’.

Rub it in honey.

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