Life and all that sh*t that comes with it

A bit of a fail of a night yesterday. Had a tricky session with my therapist were she made me think about a lot of things and challenge me which was hard big time. Most of the time i come out of the sessions feeling lighter but this time it gave me a feeling of unfinished business and things i need to take care of which I find very tricky. I hate when things are left hanging, i want to deal with them now or not at all but sometimes that cant be done.

Adding to that is the stress of hosting the crayfish party. I love hosting and im 100% sure we will have an amazing time but a couple of days before any party im throwing im stressed. As in ‘think everything will go wrong/people have a bad time/head going aaaaargh’ stressed.

This made me lay on the sofa, stare into nothing and refusing to talk to Oliver. Not helpful. Cant promise I wont stress tonight but im hoping to have time to go out for a dinner and have some time to ourselves.

This little guy aint very stressed. Since getting Wool I dream of being a dog at least 2 times a day.

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