Goodbye peeps

Last day in the office. Very, very excited. Everything is packed, dust masks, resorb and costumes, and there is nothing more to be done than jump on that plane and just experience. F and I have decided to just roll straight into pool party since we will be jet lagged anyway. What better way to fix that than drinking cocktails in the sun in a bikini? Im still waiting for that day when I will feel like im too old for that.

Will miss my boys at home but honestly, Im way too excited to not mostly be very happy. (Oliver made me put this semi naked picture up. ‘its only your dad who reads the blog anyway and he doent care’. He do not know my dad….).

So, good be for now, you’ll hear from me when im (hopefully) back.

When i truly felt it

– Being 15, laying on your sofa that you’ve made into a bed watching Bonnie and Clyde hearing your voice say ‘this could be us’ and all im really feeling is ‘take me out of here’.

– Sitting on those stairs with the morning sun slowly warming my bones feeling like nothing ever is going to be ok again. Suddenly you come out, wrap your arms around me and I feel like home.

– Seeing in an old friends eyes how much i’ve changed in my want to become someone new, someone happy. Not to the better her eyes tells me and then I don’t see her for another 10 years.

– Being 13, the tallest girl in school and insecure about everything. ‘You have to stand in the back because you are so much taller than everyone else’ the teacher says and I try to hide myself.

– Seeing you hanging out the window in my parents’ bedroom. When I meet your eyes they scream ‘Im going to jump, I can’t go back there’. I can hug you back into the room but I can’t save you from going back to where you don’t want to go.

– When your letters stopped coming.

– The phone calls telling everyone I care about of my self hurt and destruction. My heart fluttering like a scared bird and i cant breathe.

– The second time we broke up. You looking at me saying ‘I don’t think we can ever fix this, its all too broken’.

– Crying in a theatre in New York after my friends told me that ‘you have to end this, you are not happy any longer’.

– Feeling your arms around me squeezing our dog between us. You still feel like home.

Stoke and tigers

Only 2 more days to go before HOLIDAY! I am getting very excited. Mostly running around thinking about packing and trying to make sure I dont miss out on this awesome chance to wear basically anything I want.My bag is a mix of all the things Ive drunkenly picked up through the years and that live in my dress out box. Win.

Started the week in Stoke to give presentations to our support. The same one 10 times in 2 days. English small town. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying.

Managed to order this beast of a sandwich after help from my colleague. I go called duckie. It was a truly surreal experience.

Yesterday I bought some socks for Filippa. She has broken her toe so might not be able to wear shoes on the alkaline sand of Nevada (apparently that does bad things to your feet) so I thought she needed funny socks to protect her. Who doesn’t want to be a tiger?

The Midnight Run

Judging by the name of this post you might think I have been out running. That is definitely not the case. I have however seen London by foot for 12 chilly and magical night time hours together with perfect strangers pushing my comfort zone. It was one of the best nights of my life.

The Midnight Run is an event set up and run by Inua Ellams. Its a way of experiencing the city and seeing it through the eyes of others at the same time. We were around 25 people at the most walking through London for 12 hours stopping for different activities and getting to know the people who was by our side.

We started with the classic ‘2 truths, 1 lie’ and after concluding that a fish did indeed die from Tjernobyl dust and it is possible to have 2 brothers named Ernest we knew each other a little bit better.

Good start to laugh together and after this we did a hugging conveyer belt getting physical with the crew as well.

Some walking, the worlds longest toilet break and stacking up on snacks later we came to our second stop – basketball for all. Not having played for well, 20 years, I was luckily enough not the only one scrambling around for the ball with slippery fingers so it ended being more fun that competition.

Sam came straight from the US only being here for 2 weeks and made sure to document everything. Great way of getting to know a new city.

We had an engaged audience from the different flats all around. Not sure they were particularly impressed with our skills. 

Next we went to a square to write down some thoughts on our lives, our place in time and our dreams.

Inua has a way of making you think and everyone was writing in their little midnight run branded notebooks.

It had me thinking of the amazing things that have happened this year, like getting Woolly, and the dreamy quality around me added to the feeling of connectedness.

I was not the only one enjoying the moment.

After this TJ played on a guitar like instrument. It was achingly beautiful and I think i was not the only one to wanting to stay, exactly like that, for a long, long time.

But all things end and we had a lot of things to go through. Here Katy are showing the guys how she want to clock to go for their video and it looks like we are between 9 – 10 pm. Thanks Kate

Some people left early but Oliver had told me it was an all in or nothing and im very happy i stuck it out to the end even if at times I was chilled to the bone and dreaming of a warm bed.

More walking and more to see and experience. Next was a closing mall. We were to set up small theater plays based on the concept wind. 20 minutes concept and rehearsals and the show time.

Oliver and Mike made sure everything got recorded.

After having been chased around by angry guards and told that we are disturbing the neighbors we found a spot for our performances.

The wind was blowing, both in real life and in the play’s and everyone went all in.

Apparently the wind can also talk according to one of the groups. Fittingly you couldn’t hear a word due to the real wind.

The we walked and walked and walked for what felt like at least 2 hours and ended up in a busy Soho around midnight. We took a pause in a quiet square and talked and wrote and heard stories.

More clocks. Think we are going between midnight and 1 o clock here. Starting to feel a bit tired.

Some more people had dropped out but we were a solid crew still and people were less strangers and more friends now.

While in Soho we went to a fancy, members only, nightclub and danced for 2 hours.

all in a circle with old school, silly dance moves it doesnt matter if you are sober or have walked for hours you can keep going endlessly anyway.

Finally time for food. Joseph and Jo were very happy to dig into some chinese. So was I. No dinner and loads of activities do that to you. 2.30, the perfect time for any dinner.

We weren’t done. Coming up to the proper wolf hour it was cold outside and everyone was tired but there was amazing things still do experience.

We went and sat outside the palace writing our manifesto of all the things we would change in London to make it perfect. No cars in London and no central line in rush hour. Tired minds dreaming of an easier life.

But still oddly awake and engaged. Going on over drive taking that last bits of energy it felt like you could do anything.

In St James’s park TJ played more beautiful music and people laid down on the cold grass to feel it in their hearts.

Tired but not in anyway beaten. Just open to really feel everything that happened around.

After music Andy gave us spoken word poetry that completely changed me. You know when you have those moments when it feels like something opens up. Ive never really experienced poetry that way before, we dont have it much back in Sweden, and being in love with the english language as I am it made me go ‘WOW, where have this been all my life’. I know what ol and me will do going forward.

Coming up to 6 o clock we ended the night standing on a bridge doing tai chi when the sun came up behind the clouds.

A truly amazing night. I cant wait to do it again and I feel like ive seen my new city in a completely new way and ive fallen a little bit in love with it once more.


Its Friday people and no, Im not going out to partey tonight. Im sensible now. Kind of. Instead ill be trying on all my outfits for BM as well as keep trying to break in my shoes. Like every night. Im nothing if not dedicated (as well as starved on dress up and crazy parties)

Looking good Miss Munthe. Ninja pirate. Wait, how old are you really?

I feel (and look) like those weird ass ravers in my youth when i was at house parties in some posh villa in the suburbs drinking champagne and wearing a sensible outfit. Its never too late to find your true self.

Mini wolf is back

Met up with Laxen yesterday in for a visit in the big city. We talked about his coming fatherhood (only 5 months left) and growing up. Or rather, spent most of the time reminiscing of all the great times we had before we grew up.

Walking home through the city speaking to one of my old London friends i realised this city is pretty f**ing amazing after all.

Once home I got greeted by a tufty and very tired mini wolf. I think being SuperDog for a week had tired him out and he was back in his spot on the sofa happy being the tired squid. There is only so much super dog heroism one little dog can take.

I got up this morning feeling like ‘Hell yeah, i need a little bit of unicorn in my life today’ so decided to wear my gold trousers. They are tight and very uncomfortable but i do feel like a prancing unicorn, the vain kind, most of the time.

Burning Man and unicorns

Getting my ass (well, if it was really my ass I would be doing squats. Im not. Im testing outfits) ready for burning man. Less than 2 weeks. Yes people, in 10 days ill be lounging by the pool in LV in some luxurious outfits (shit, need to get one of those) and in 14 days ill be putting on my goggles and short shorts and dance like there is no tomorrow (literally, im planning to not go to bed and well then there is no tomorrow)

Goggles. Given sand storms and general coolness factor these are essential. I went for the yellow look, remember what a hit my old lab glasses from Lund were (who knew you needed something to shield your eyes from all the champagne being squirted around) so Im thinking why not an updated version. Hell yeah!

My very clever and slightly more organized boyfriend told me I needed boots. After hour spent googling cheap and ugly ones on Amazon I realize I already own a pair. My veery trendy Doc Martens. Which ive used once. They are murder weapons for heels. For the coming ten days im under project ‘Break these hell hounds in’. That means matching home lounge wear with kick ass boots.

Yes, corset is coming. No, not matched like this (i hope, I might have a sun stroke induced lapse of judgement)

But, to the most important thing. My amazing, handsome, lovely boyfriend have mounted my unicorn. (i wont say ‘finally, after 6 months’.) Look what a proud thing that is on my wall.


It wasn’t just us being on holiday last week. Our scruffy monster of a dog was away on a holiday in the English country side running amok among the dunes of the beach and getting himself all muddied up chasing cats/horses/balls/other dogs. Thats a dog holiday for you.


My little gremlin who doesnt like water have been on a positive bathing holiday according to his proud dog godmothers. Here a tiny bit too enthusiastic and diving head first into a wave. Those eyes tell you a story of suffering and misery.

‘I nailed that wave. You know, I saw this horse and Bam! ran after it and was like this close to catching it before the wave came but SuperDog owned that wave. Boojah!’

‘Dont mind me, Im just lurking around like the very naughty dog i am. Me!? Im SuperDog and dont you go around messin’ with me ‘

‘Woohooo, freedom. No more Ravenscourt and enclosures. Here I can chase all the water squirrels I want. Oh, they are horses you say. Oh well, Ill chase them anyway. Im Woolly the SuperDog’

‘Nanananananana….Super Dog. Beware all of you tiny humans/cats/horses. You are nothing to SuperDog. I rule the waves (unless they come too close, then i tip toe slowly away. Cunning I am.)’

‘Who are you? Where are my humans? Where is my food? Where are all the horses? I understand nothing no longer. Better sleep’

‘Im liking ham lady. Im liking me some ham. Or horses. I really like horses. What am I seeing? Is that a horse. Let me down ham lady, im getting me some horse over there. SuperDog!’

‘They say this is my girlfriend. I only like her because she looks like a horse. I love horses. And ham. Good thing those unfaithful humans left me with ham lady. Mmm, ham’

‘Nanananana…SuperDog. Are you a horse, then I love you. Do you have ham, then i love you. Because I am SuperDog and my love is a fickle thing’.

Dreamy summer Sweden

Our Sweden trip this year were less about Sthlm and more about sun, bath and books. All day long. So after we had left StElla to return to London we headed back down to the country house.

One of the best things was meeting the newest addition to the family, Jossan’s little girl Alma, also known as action baby since she does nothing but sleeps.

So cute. Yes, I spent hours just holding that sleeping bundle of baby smell feeling my womb going ‘gaaahh, fill me up’.

We also went for another set of crayfish, this time a more quiet affair with the family.

This might just be the best place on earth. Hands down.

Ol is becoming a pro crayfish eater. I might not be able to get him to move to Sweden but future kids will be pro when it comes to dismantling a crayfish.

Worlds best Dad. Yes, you heard me.

(ok, my heart is doing double takes and im already longing to go back). The sunset overlooking the barn.

Our house.

Discussions. Here probably something about religion or politics. You could easily say that my parents havent heard that’s not supposed to be discussed over dinner. Not sure what they make of my atheist for a boyfriend.

I took photos and stayed out of the discussion.

Mushroom picking. It was dry but we found some stragglers.

Every time. Magic!

Brother and Caroline came down and we cooked them chorizo, asparagus and pea risotto. Ol was upset that this made it look like it was actually my brother cooking.

So I had to take a picture of him doing the do.

Chanterelle sandwich. Up there with crayfishes. There is a reason i come back in August every year.


Still pretty green even if its been really dry. As you can see we had endless days of sunshine and even Ol managed to get a bit of a tan.

One last walk on Sunday before it was time to pack our bags and head home.

I was already homesick and kept taking pictures of absolutely everything to make sure I have this to look back at when the snow and rain of winter comes.


After our country house boozy snaps experience we headed for Sthlm for a couple of days minus the Troxes going straight to the north. Ol and me plus StElla were lucky enough to be able to borrow my aunts flat in Soder so we ventured on a full day Soder excursion with a pit stop in Gamla Stan and the Palace to give them some proper tourist experiences.

We started with lunch at Meatballs. Wild boar meatballs. Hell yeah! So good. Anyone wanting to try an interesting take on the old meatball should go there.

Properly fed and ready for action we walked down Gotgatan and then over to Gamla Stan. After being hustled by all the tourist hustlers and a sneak peak into the royal church we decided to go for beer at Mosebacke.

Laura and Seb came in from their island and met us for 1, 2, 3, 4 beers in the sun.

The girls on wine, the lads (yup that includes me) on beers.

with one of the best views in Sthlm.

After all of these beers we went to a very hot Nytorget 6 for raraka and lojrom, more meatballs, scary drinks and tuna burgers.

Did I mention it was hot? We were on the brink on giving up the night at 8 o clock but pulled ourselves together and went to Tradgarden. Monday night. Odd music and hipsters. Oliver loved it. The boys drank more beer.  

Ella and me found some stairs to try and fight the fullness on.

Oliver took pictures telling us to look as miserable as the music were. Lots of tries with smiling girls before we nailed this one.

Stan and Seb were getting on it and it took a lot of batting of Ella’s eyelashes to get Stan to leave the place.

Do I have to mention that Oliver loved Tradgarden? Its under a bridge in an industrial dumping area. In his book that is true beauty.

Stan wanted to go to the next place, Seb took him to ‘the best food in Sweden’ – tunnbrorulle. Stan was not convinced and as you can see, neither was Ella. I think he exact words were ‘you are not getting a hug smelling of that’.

Waiting for Seb’s food while the bulgarian made friends with everyone hoping something else would happen on his one night in Sthlm.

It didnt.

The day after we took the ferry over the Djurgarden and Rosendahl for lunch in the apple orchard. And cinnamon buns.

This truly is one of Sthlms magical places.

Mackerel and beetroot salad from their garden. Doesnt matter if it starts raining then does it.

After this magical lunch it was time for Ella and Stan to leave so oliver walked them back to Soder and I went to meet Sus and her little boy Hugo and then Bella and Sanna for a quick drink before heading down to the country side again.

Yes, Sthlm, you did it again. I love you.

 Me and Hugo chillin.