3, 2, 1 – Sweden!

Last night of packing before we are off to Sweden. I love packing. Mostly because Im good at it but also because it means im going somewhere awesome. And what is more awesome that my country house?

To have a couple of minutes to ourselves Ol and me went to the Japanese for dinner. I got a sis coke. Almost a Cis coke. I take what i can get. That and cod roe sushi that tasted like Kalles Kaviar. Not complaining.

After this we went to my favourite place on earth – poundland. I have inherited my love for cheap nick nack from my Dad and I always think of him when im in there. I never manage to buy as much as i want to but i gave it a serious try yesterday.

and did fairly well… sweets, gifts for wool, neon plasters (!!) and sun screen for a pound each. I call this a bunch of wins.

I was done and dusted with my packing in 30 min. Ol not so much. This is 2 hours down the line. He had managed to put all his pens in a line and realise they would never all fit. I went to bed around here so not so sure how this riveting tale ended but when i woke up this morning they were all neatly stacked in different boxes.

Traveling outfit. Loose and pink. Goes with both the asphalt of London and the greens of the Swedish countryside.

Calvin Harris – Drinking From the Bottle

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