Dreamy summer Sweden

Our Sweden trip this year were less about Sthlm and more about sun, bath and books. All day long. So after we had left StElla to return to London we headed back down to the country house.

One of the best things was meeting the newest addition to the family, Jossan’s little girl Alma, also known as action baby since she does nothing but sleeps.

So cute. Yes, I spent hours just holding that sleeping bundle of baby smell feeling my womb going ‘gaaahh, fill me up’.

We also went for another set of crayfish, this time a more quiet affair with the family.

This might just be the best place on earth. Hands down.

Ol is becoming a pro crayfish eater. I might not be able to get him to move to Sweden but future kids will be pro when it comes to dismantling a crayfish.

Worlds best Dad. Yes, you heard me.

(ok, my heart is doing double takes and im already longing to go back). The sunset overlooking the barn.

Our house.

Discussions. Here probably something about religion or politics. You could easily say that my parents havent heard that’s not supposed to be discussed over dinner. Not sure what they make of my atheist for a boyfriend.

I took photos and stayed out of the discussion.

Mushroom picking. It was dry but we found some stragglers.

Every time. Magic!

Brother and Caroline came down and we cooked them chorizo, asparagus and pea risotto. Ol was upset that this made it look like it was actually my brother cooking.

So I had to take a picture of him doing the do.

Chanterelle sandwich. Up there with crayfishes. There is a reason i come back in August every year.


Still pretty green even if its been really dry. As you can see we had endless days of sunshine and even Ol managed to get a bit of a tan.

One last walk on Sunday before it was time to pack our bags and head home.

I was already homesick and kept taking pictures of absolutely everything to make sure I have this to look back at when the snow and rain of winter comes.

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