After our country house boozy snaps experience we headed for Sthlm for a couple of days minus the Troxes going straight to the north. Ol and me plus StElla were lucky enough to be able to borrow my aunts flat in Soder so we ventured on a full day Soder excursion with a pit stop in Gamla Stan and the Palace to give them some proper tourist experiences.

We started with lunch at Meatballs. Wild boar meatballs. Hell yeah! So good. Anyone wanting to try an interesting take on the old meatball should go there.

Properly fed and ready for action we walked down Gotgatan and then over to Gamla Stan. After being hustled by all the tourist hustlers and a sneak peak into the royal church we decided to go for beer at Mosebacke.

Laura and Seb came in from their island and met us for 1, 2, 3, 4 beers in the sun.

The girls on wine, the lads (yup that includes me) on beers.

with one of the best views in Sthlm.

After all of these beers we went to a very hot Nytorget 6 for raraka and lojrom, more meatballs, scary drinks and tuna burgers.

Did I mention it was hot? We were on the brink on giving up the night at 8 o clock but pulled ourselves together and went to Tradgarden. Monday night. Odd music and hipsters. Oliver loved it. The boys drank more beer.  

Ella and me found some stairs to try and fight the fullness on.

Oliver took pictures telling us to look as miserable as the music were. Lots of tries with smiling girls before we nailed this one.

Stan and Seb were getting on it and it took a lot of batting of Ella’s eyelashes to get Stan to leave the place.

Do I have to mention that Oliver loved Tradgarden? Its under a bridge in an industrial dumping area. In his book that is true beauty.

Stan wanted to go to the next place, Seb took him to ‘the best food in Sweden’ – tunnbrorulle. Stan was not convinced and as you can see, neither was Ella. I think he exact words were ‘you are not getting a hug smelling of that’.

Waiting for Seb’s food while the bulgarian made friends with everyone hoping something else would happen on his one night in Sthlm.

It didnt.

The day after we took the ferry over the Djurgarden and Rosendahl for lunch in the apple orchard. And cinnamon buns.

This truly is one of Sthlms magical places.

Mackerel and beetroot salad from their garden. Doesnt matter if it starts raining then does it.

After this magical lunch it was time for Ella and Stan to leave so oliver walked them back to Soder and I went to meet Sus and her little boy Hugo and then Bella and Sanna for a quick drink before heading down to the country side again.

Yes, Sthlm, you did it again. I love you.

 Me and Hugo chillin.

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