It wasn’t just us being on holiday last week. Our scruffy monster of a dog was away on a holiday in the English country side running amok among the dunes of the beach and getting himself all muddied up chasing cats/horses/balls/other dogs. Thats a dog holiday for you.


My little gremlin who doesnt like water have been on a positive bathing holiday according to his proud dog godmothers. Here a tiny bit too enthusiastic and diving head first into a wave. Those eyes tell you a story of suffering and misery.

‘I nailed that wave. You know, I saw this horse and Bam! ran after it and was like this close to catching it before the wave came but SuperDog owned that wave. Boojah!’

‘Dont mind me, Im just lurking around like the very naughty dog i am. Me!? Im SuperDog and dont you go around messin’ with me ‘

‘Woohooo, freedom. No more Ravenscourt and enclosures. Here I can chase all the water squirrels I want. Oh, they are horses you say. Oh well, Ill chase them anyway. Im Woolly the SuperDog’

‘Nanananananana….Super Dog. Beware all of you tiny humans/cats/horses. You are nothing to SuperDog. I rule the waves (unless they come too close, then i tip toe slowly away. Cunning I am.)’

‘Who are you? Where are my humans? Where is my food? Where are all the horses? I understand nothing no longer. Better sleep’

‘Im liking ham lady. Im liking me some ham. Or horses. I really like horses. What am I seeing? Is that a horse. Let me down ham lady, im getting me some horse over there. SuperDog!’

‘They say this is my girlfriend. I only like her because she looks like a horse. I love horses. And ham. Good thing those unfaithful humans left me with ham lady. Mmm, ham’

‘Nanananana…SuperDog. Are you a horse, then I love you. Do you have ham, then i love you. Because I am SuperDog and my love is a fickle thing’.

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