Burning Man and unicorns

Getting my ass (well, if it was really my ass I would be doing squats. Im not. Im testing outfits) ready for burning man. Less than 2 weeks. Yes people, in 10 days ill be lounging by the pool in LV in some luxurious outfits (shit, need to get one of those) and in 14 days ill be putting on my goggles and short shorts and dance like there is no tomorrow (literally, im planning to not go to bed and well then there is no tomorrow)

Goggles. Given sand storms and general coolness factor these are essential. I went for the yellow look, remember what a hit my old lab glasses from Lund were (who knew you needed something to shield your eyes from all the champagne being squirted around) so Im thinking why not an updated version. Hell yeah!

My very clever and slightly more organized boyfriend told me I needed boots. After hour spent googling cheap and ugly ones on Amazon I realize I already own a pair. My veery trendy Doc Martens. Which ive used once. They are murder weapons for heels. For the coming ten days im under project ‘Break these hell hounds in’. That means matching home lounge wear with kick ass boots.

Yes, corset is coming. No, not matched like this (i hope, I might have a sun stroke induced lapse of judgement)

But, to the most important thing. My amazing, handsome, lovely boyfriend have mounted my unicorn. (i wont say ‘finally, after 6 months’.) Look what a proud thing that is on my wall.

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