Mini wolf is back

Met up with Laxen yesterday in for a visit in the big city. We talked about his coming fatherhood (only 5 months left) and growing up. Or rather, spent most of the time reminiscing of all the great times we had before we grew up.

Walking home through the city speaking to one of my old London friends i realised this city is pretty f**ing amazing after all.

Once home I got greeted by a tufty and very tired mini wolf. I think being SuperDog for a week had tired him out and he was back in his spot on the sofa happy being the tired squid. There is only so much super dog heroism one little dog can take.

I got up this morning feeling like ‘Hell yeah, i need a little bit of unicorn in my life today’ so decided to wear my gold trousers. They are tight and very uncomfortable but i do feel like a prancing unicorn, the vain kind, most of the time.

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