Burning man – have you ever dreamt of the fantasylands from yourchildhood? I have and then I found it.

Paume – Follies

Home after the most amazing couple of days in my life. Whatever people say Burning Man is its so much more when you are there. Its your own personal fantasy land where everything is possible, no matter what you are looking for.

People go dancing, running a marathon, learn circus tricks, attend sex or orgasm classes or why not a TED talk in the desert sun. You can do yoga when the sun sets or dance at an art car in the sunrise. There are even knot classes for people like my boyfriend. The point is, there is something for everyone and you can make it your own magical dream.

I got to do the things i needed the most – hang with my friends and dance in the sunrise, be on my own and explore everything BM had to offer, dress up in awesome costumes, sit on the roof of our RV and contemplate what I really want with life, drink numerous cocktails and feel like I own the world, make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

I got everything I wanted and more and I wish I could stay in this world where people always have a smile for you and hug you just because they want to make you happy.

Heading off from Vegas it was a long way down. 12h ride the others had to do (me, mostly sleeping).We did Vegas the night before so F and me had a proper hangover (yup, those stories will come too)

Closing in on BM and getting excited. Cars showing up on the rode and people with signs asking for a ticket.

We opened a fortune cookie each. I got ‘be yourself’. True words. Living my hippie heart I decided to take those words with me at all times in this desert land.

Stocking up on LEDs. Its dark in the desert at night and if you dont want to be run over by an over excited cyclist you better wrap yourself up in those babies.

Finally we got there and after a couple of hours in the queue we got through to the area. First thing to meet us where a train of rolling tea pots. What is not to love? This is when I knew, deep down, that this place is what ive been looking for reading all those fairy tale books as a kid.

Looking for somewhere to stay. Not the easiest when you arrive after it already started.

Be clever, send out your cute girls to get the job done. Finally we found a place at 8.30 K next to the worlds best neighbor Darryl who has been coming here for 14 years. He helped us with our RV, made us pizza’s in the evenings and provided us with an endless supply of crazy storied and flavoured vodka.

Settled in we decided to head out for out first BM run around.

Dressed up and ready to go explore this crazy place. Being slightly hanging still I went down the more clothes track. I got told off by strangers. Oh well.

Around the corner was a tent that served free watermelon drinks.

Works as good as anything else when you have been driving all night.

We made new friends and got a feel for what it was we had really got ourselves into.

Dreamland!! I mean, if this isnt somewhere making dreams come through when there is a picture of me with a bike for my boyfriend. (yes, my shorts turned mini shorts when two women came up and ‘fixed’ them)

This kind of silly smile seemed to follow me around for the next of the week. Its my drunken happy smile. Minus the alcohol, im just very, very happy.

At the edge of the playa were an old school ferris wheel so we went up to see the world at out feet.

All the neon lights come out when the night falls. You can see the man at the edge and the other things are mostly different art installations to explore.

We went over to the man and looked at all the things we found on the way. I think we all knew in our hearts that we’ve come somewhere special and that these days would be like nothings else.

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