I woke up feeling pretty perky this morning. All hail whatever gods made that happen. It is Monday after all. But a sunny, pretty Monday so all is not lost.

And now, since i know you can barely contain yourself, I will tell you all about my adventure of a weekend.

(Drum roll please)

Started (yes, Friday start after work) my Friday by meeting up Eric and Robin in town for a couple of beers. Like in the old Ifield road days. Minus the dread that if you dont look out Robin might be calling strippers to come give you a lap dance and Eric throw pre, middle and after parties in your living room.

We had enough beers to make us think life is pretty fucking awesome and headed of to anglesea arms to meet up with Lollo and eventually Matthias and his lady Cecilia. Then followed a trek through West London when Lollo and her friend wanted to go to first Barts and then Maggies but we were  abit too late for it to be easy at any of those places so we ended up eating at PJ’s instead. I vote for food any time.

Not sure what happened but i wasnt home until 3 a bit fuzzy around the edges. When Oliver saw me stumble home he looked at me, shook his head, and said ‘oh honey, you know you need to get up and out with the dogs in a couple if hours’.

Fuck, as they say.

This is me, 7.30 in the morning roaming the streets of London with my doggie cursing my own stupidity in all ways possible.

Eventually i got hold of the Troxes and me and Woolly hung around on their sofa like two poor, alcohol oozing, relatives. Kix was studying, I ate her food and watched shit TV. Win on their behalf.

Well, my dog tried to eat Robins food too but Robbo was having none of that.

10 hours later i was let home. My home was completely remodeled and i felt like I had stepped into, well, a fashion movie. Apparently most of my thing just dont cut it.

One happy mini squid and me spent the rest of the evening in bed saying hi to the crew whenever they came over to get something. Don’t mind us chillin’ when the rest of you are working,

Sunday morning and we were left to our own devices again, at least this time we had a home. The chair had been moved out to the living room and W took to it like a throne and sat their looking imperiously at me when i ate. ‘i dont even deign to beg from this awesomness of mine’ i could hear his mind say.

Walked, talked, read and watched some movies and eventually cooked some sausage and fennel pasta until Oliver came around 8.

It was one tired boyfriend who could call his movie a wrap last night. It was hard leaving these two this morning.

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