God’s cheese

Oliver and me had an unexpectedly very luxurious dinner lats night. Ella had given ol a bag of food as a thank you for him taking the photos for her web page and I got to reap the benefits of his work.

An awesome plate of cheese and the worlds best Olives.

Talked to the girls on Skype when they were having tuesday dinner and they told me that the cheese in the little pot its the infamous Gods cheese. The girls have been talking about that one for years. The best cheese ever to hit man kind.

Paired with awesome olives and some purple carrot. Dont mind if I do.

The girls were all in Sthlm, very jealous. Hugo got to go to his first tuesday dinner. A man. They used to be forbidden.

5 years ago the conversations on these dinner used to go ‘I just never want kids’, ‘me neither, do we have to?’ ‘how are we then going to be able to keep partying?’. Things have changed my friends.

Around our table it was less kids but pretty epic food so I was very happy anyway. Ate so much I couldnt even do ice cream. That, my friends, dont happen often.

Long after i had to give up and lay down on the sofa stroking my belly Oliver kept going. Nothing this man cant devour. Thank you Ella for the best dinner ever.

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