Whatever you do, dont down the white

I got to have a ‘dance around London like there is no tomorrow’ day turning into night with Oliver, Ben and Ed this weekend. Much needed.

Met up with the boys at a pub in Angel and drank cider while trying to keep Wool happy. He did well. Plan was that Ol and me would head down to Brixton for Adams leaving do and then go home with the dog but a rapid change of plans made us go to Primrose Hill to leave Wool w M and I went to meet the boys while Ol put the time in with Adam.

When i got to the boys they were locked in a crazy pool game. A shot for every time you downed the white. They were a couple of shots down the line.

Benjie had the great idea that i would shot every other shot for them and any time any of us fouled me and my team mate for that shot had to drink a shot.

Bad idea… Im not that good a pool player. In just one game i think i had to drink 5 shots. I secretly begged the bartender to make us really weak shots. We had things like baileys and tequila slammers. All to keep Ben standing up. He was starting to look a bit unsteady by this point.

Hanging with the boys. Missing my twins now that Eddie lives in NYC.

More shots, more drunk, more fouling as a results. And the circle continues.

The bartender looked me in the eye and told me that he was not going to help when one of us fell down. Felt like the dice game night in NYC. When even the bartender knows this will be bad.

Off to the next place. We had some chips and met up with Ol. He wondered what the fuck happened. The boys blamed it on me, cant help im a really lousy pool player.

The night ended at Tom M’s bday party were we danced to old 80’s party hits for hours before finally heading home and tumbling into bed at 3. An amazing night.

The song of the evening Phil Oakey – Together In Electric Dreams

On Sunday I was tired. Ol headed out to retrieve Wool and i stayed in bed. Except for a short venture out I was welded to the sofa.

In the evening we made a chicken roast and lit all the candles. Even if its still 23 degrees here im pretending fall has properly come and light up the room with tea lights.

The arm chair lives in the living room for now and we are deciding if it gets to stay. It never really got used in the bedroom but i loved my chair in there. On the other hand, now dad has somewhere to sit when they come to visit.

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