A glow stick raver baby

Found the best Halloween party accessory yesterday – glow stick lollipops. That must be every baby ravers dream. Or as Kix said ‘you are just trying to make your Halloween party into BM.’ True words and if only. I think everyone need a little bit of BM in their lives and damn me if I dont give it to them.

A ghoul Halloweener goes BM. That could be the general description of me. I also have glow stick balloons. Damn the people that discredit poundland, its the best store ever.

In the spirit of rave, neon and never ending parties I wrapped Olivers gifts. Pretty bad ass. If you can only find gaffa tape to wrap with make sure its bright orange gaffa tape.

Nature on the other hand goes on autumnal colours. The stuff they pair you with in colour charts. ‘You look best in neon’ no one ever said, at least not if you are pale like me.

Pretty. I listened to some kick ass music and look forward to be OFF WORK tomorrow and head down to Rye. My crazy ass boyfriend worked all night so Im sure it will be a tired affair. Oh well, me and Wool can roam the streets of Ashford.

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