Birthday boy in Rye

We went to Rye over the weekend to celebrate Olivers bday. Best decision ever. The weather was lovely and we stuffed our faces with amazing food as well as walking our legs leaden. Here comes a sh*t load of pictures to give you a glimpse (or a pretty full on view given its about 40 pics) of what we were up to.

On the train. A not super happy Wool. Little did he know that he would be running around like a crazy for 3 days.

I had taken the day off on Friday so when we got there we picked up a little (well) doggie from the local rescue center to take with us for the walk. This i Daisy.

Straight down to the beach and hours of walking.

Ol, being the youngster, had to do all the run around. Me, I walked behind at a leisurely speed taking pictures and soaking up the salty beach air. Perfect for us 30+

The family. It was great weather as you can see and people and dogs alike were loving it. Especially me in my trendy London clothes. You can take the girl out of London but never London out of the girl.

The obligatory picture taking. Daisy bore it stoically (even if that might be a ‘help me’ plead in her eyes, we have all done it when Ol bring out the camera)

Look at this. How can this not be meditation? I walked around in my own little world just loving it.

After beach time for scones. Of course. I had my favourite cinnamon one with blueberry and apple jam. Yes, it was amazing, yes, I wish I could have this every day and it was about as healthy as carrots.

We were staying in the cottage at the new house that have now been renovated and moved in too. Its absolutely lovely and will be great when they start renting it out. Woolly, being a naughty trying to eat the cat had to stay on the lead. He was not happy.

Miranda and me made an apple and plum tarte. It was delicious and Miranda’s magic fingers made it happen. I just peeled apples and ate as much as my stomach could bear.

Saturday morning and Ol’s birthday. We started the day with going for a walk with Woolly.

He chased some squirrels, almost attacked some swans and got caught just in time to not chase some sheep. Amazing morning in other words.

We got back to the house. This is the main house being under construction/renovation. It will look absolutely gorgeous when done. Cant wait to spend more weekends here.

Gift time! Fancy Rye wrapping paper. He got a puffa jacket, new jam box, camera lense, books and more. Not too bad.

From me he got 2 comics and dinner at the Ledbury. We are going in November. He also got very fancily wrapped gifts as Ive shown you before.

Miranda’s birthday card for Ol. That little minchkin making it into art. She has also promised us a woolly print. Win.

‘Dont mind me, Im just CAT WATCHING…

The cottage done up. The wood will go a silvery, grey colour. I can see myself in a summer dress keeping one eye on my book and the other on my dog making sure he doesnt eat the cat.

Beach again walking day 2’s dog. Miranda has a thing for the rescues and we went to pick up a new every day. This is Nessa. She was adorable. I almost packed her into my bag and run. But, she got reserved on Sunday so she’ll go to a good home.

More beach, more sun, more walking, more crazy Woolly barking every time we cuddled the other dogs. Jealous much?

Since the weather was perfect there was windsurfers all over the beach. Oliver have now decided that is our next thing. Knowing that have to say to about 1 in every 10 I have decided that is the least bad so ill go with it. Windsurfing classes here we come.

A lonely kite on the beach (yes, im trying to be arty. How is it going?)

Once I can manage to get up on one this do look absolutely awesome and scary at the same time. The best kind.

Birthday kisses (this is completely not set up at all. We were just caught in this natural pose kissing. As you do)

‘Hey, hey, you. Pay attention to me. PAY ATTENTION. look at me running around. Im so awesomeballs.’ Im sure that is what his barking really said.

A birthday cupcake in the sand. I wish i was turning 29. Look how these youngsters can jump around.

We tried some jumping as well. This is supposed to be a high five over the cake jump. I might have to work a bit on my jumping style. It looks more like Oliver is beating me up. Oh well, you cant win them all.

Then we went to a cafe to what was to be the Best Meal Ever. Dressed crab straight from the sea with tartar sauce and home made bread. I mean really. Who needs fancy ever when you can have fresh crab. So good I wanted to weep a little bit into my food. I dont think i said a word for the 20 minutes it took me to nail this.

Coming home it was time for Olivers birthday cake. Chocolate heaven (yes, I was constantly full on this trip).

Then, dinner.I had monkfish and purple potatoes. Not too shabby that either. I love the country side.

Last day and another sunny one. Tis time we picked up George. I proper lad that was very strong and kept trying to run off the lead. He was a stray picked up from the streets in Ireland but a sweetheart.

The sea was like a mirror and there were some serious running aorund and photo taking happening. This is the classic ‘Oliver on the beach’ crouch. Woolly was not so impressed. @play with me’ he kept grumping away.

More artistic, fancy pictures. Hope you are duly impressed.

Mini squid running like a hell hound. Which he sometimes is.

After a great lunch we met a dog that could have been Woolly’s sister. She is clipped here but when she is shaggy she looks just like our Wool. Crazy shit like that happen in the country side folks.

And with that our weekend was over. We trained home and fell straight to sleep all 3 of us in a heap in the bed.

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