Went for the second one of Olivers bday dinners (since i gave him a dinner at The Ledbuy we have that one to end the bday dinner tour this year). We went to spanish influences restaurant Moro at Exmouth market. Yum, is all I have to tell you.

Olivers alcohol free cocktail. Not only do you eat with your eyes, you drink as well.

Food choosing

and long discussions on Ebola, Russia and all those other very political and current affairs that these guys discuss when they meet (and yes, some talks on Ruperts women of course)

I had a pumpkin soup with chilli butter for starter. Yes, it was as excellent as it sounds.

and lamb that melted in my mouth for main. Dont you worry, I had dessert as well. Cheese. Pretty bursting at the seams when we got home.

Today friday. Amazing.

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