A day in Richmond

Oliver and me took our dog and headed to Richmond yesterday. Ive been longing to go for a couple of weeks, its my London version of Djurgarden, so we left the house early (well) and went for a day walking around.

Oliver practical as always, here strapping Wools poo bag to his back pack. Not sure what to think about that so lets say nothing.

It was moody but warm and not that much people in the park so we felt we had it to ourselves.

Oliver tried to take arty pictures but Woolly is as impatient as me and kept running up to bark at oliver when he was boring at took pictures.

Other than that he was pretty well occupied being on a hunting mission running around like crazy.

After walking for hours it was time for a water break for the dog and for us to head down to Petersham.

We had some of their lovely, but very expensive, lunch and cakes.  After lunch I went for a quick look in the little shop.

and ended up spending a good half an hour in there. They had pulled out the Christmas decorations…

Even Oliver understood that this is Very Important and I needed my time to carefully choose what little beauties would come with me home.

There was a lot of dog decorations but none of skinny little lurchers so, not interested.

This little guys was pretty cute, imagine that being a little grey woolly with a red bow. One can dream.

They even had egg plants, garlics and peas in a pod for decorations. Everything goes in this crazy country.

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