I wish I felt snowflakes tickling my nose

When I went into the little shop at Petersham on Sunday and realised the Christmas baubles were being unwrapped I died a little. Full on Hollywood teenage movie swoon style. Making London my home Im trying to create my own special places as strong as the ones I have in Sweden and Petersham is turning to one of those. Especially around Christmas (and that’s not easy my friends, how do you compete with Skansen or Rosendahl?)

So, I turned each little Christmas hanging one over again and again and tried to visualize it in my tree. Garlic or egg plant no but I did find a couple of things I can see next to my Elsa Beskow baubles from last year.

A silver bunny, a sparkly swallow, a little owl and a bat (I secretly love the bat he most. Thats the vampire lover in me. And rebel. Whats more sacred than a Christmas tree?).

Miranda had also been Christmas shopping and since she doesnt have a tree she happily adds to ours (great having someone loving interior design constantly shopping for your flat) and added these to our bauble collection. Love the bling but might be a bit big for the tree so might have the exist in sole majesty somewhere. Its Fornum and mason baby so its deserve space.

Mum and Dad have also asked what i want when they come over so i have a feeling my house will be even more Christmass-y this year. Yes, there is space for that. If you squeeze a little.

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