George Butler

Oliver took me and his sister to yet another private view of one of his friends. My life is filled of free drinks and well kept ladies in their late 40’s eying up art. In 15 years (and shit loads of money) that will be me.

We saw George Butler at the Romanian Cultural Institute. He draws from real life and his images are amazing. (You would love them dad).These were from Romanian village life and my favourites are all the craggy old men wih wrinkles enough to tell a thousands stories.

A beer bottle and a cart driven by oxens. Yes please.

The twinkle in this mans eye wants me want to take his hand and dance in an old barn while he tells me stories about being young and in love.

Oliver’s art ‘Im pinching my beard and staring intently’ look. Have I seen that one a couple of times in my life. Its often paired with the slowest foot movements in the world and some ‘ I need to create art’ sighing.

Even better were the little stories connected to each drawing. I want to go traveling and hang with turkeys in some village somewhere.

A married couple. Almost like the red trouser brigade couple in that room looking down their noses but being impressed when one image had been bought by the prince. (im being a bit unfair, people were actually really nice and i got refill on my bubbles.)

My favorite the fiddler. This man looks so sweet and happy. It makes my heart ache in a good way. That is the kind of art you should have at home.

Here is a portrait Oliver took of him in his studio.

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