Happy halloween!

Its Halloween today peeps and here in London that is a big f**ing deal. And since im a massive festivity junkie im going half in today and all in tomorrow for our party.

Half in in my world means spider tights and full on goth look. On my way in to work there was a little girl that screaming ‘look dad, spiders’ and laughing. The dad looked slightly ashamed, I loved it. Kids are awesome.

My goth girl Halloween outfit. Ill do some serious business in this getup.

Im not the only one doing Halloween in this country, this is one of the fancy houses on my way in to work. I hope there are some kids in that house loving getting their garden turned into a haunted house for the day.

Love Halloween, except for Christmas this is my favorite holiday. Its like getting the chance to lajv my bestest fantasy books. Win.

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