Thanksgiving dinner

Met up with Unibet crew last night for an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner. It was more of a standard beer piss up but we didn’t go too late. We did however had some great chat and a proper gossip. Love those weirdos.

The perfect take on a thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, hot toddy and Cider. Anna brought the turkey. I ate burger though, not willing to sacrifice my cow meat for some dry turkey. In asking the gang what they were thankful for this year they said the turkey. Have to love Londoners, not even giving thanks is met with anything but a sarcastic joke.

Posing with the turkey. I think Jack ended up taking it home. Early christmas win

During our chats we decided that we are booking a NYC trip in May. Our best idea so far. Every time we meet up new crazy ideas gets birthed but the NYC one is a truly great one. I might die but it will be worth it.

I got life

In Stoke yesterday for some meetings and since we were done early came home already 4.30. Win. Ol and me went for dinner at the Japanese and then home for a movie.

Woolly fell instantly asleep with his toy still in his month. All of a sudden while playing it was like he realised how tired he was and just fell down into a heap. I feel like that sometimes in dark November, wish I could just fall asleep whenever i wanted.

To the movie last night. We were supposed to watch some sci fi but when it didn’t work I got to choose and decided on… HAIR! had forgot how much I love that movie and re watching it 20 years later i realise its all one long LSD trip. Felt a bit like being at Burning Man and I felt a compelling need to become a hippie.

Oliver and me talked about different countries take on the 60-70’s rebellions. How UK have the punk, Sweden the progg and US the hippies (Sweden got short changed on that one – all brown sweaters and communal living eating lentils). Even though I love punk I dream of being a dreamy hippie dancing in some park somewhere.Today all my thoughts go to how to make that happening.

I also realised were my love for table dancing come from. Watching this scene I had an epiphany of ‘this is what I dream of when im jumping around on a table’.

I got life got dammit Galt MacDermot – I Got Life

A squash dinner – things dreams are made of

Oliver was sweet and made me dinner last night. I asked him to do something of what we have at home. He did. Some squash. A whole lot of squash to be honest. And only squash.

It was nice but after a while I became a teeny bit tired of squash. 

I finished my plate though, Ol didnt even finish his and tried to give it to the dog. The dog was sorely disappointed hoping for some juicy meat.

Squash man. The downside of Abel and Cole is that sometimes you need to clean out the fridge and then you end up with dinner like this. Or the dreaded leek dinner. Still cant really stand leek.

For dessert I had Rye sweets. I wish I only had 4 but this is only to show the delicious selection. I had way more than this until my mouth was blue.

I found a vintage mirror when I was in Rye. Lovely. Makes me want to be dressed only in white, play the piano and never work a day in my life.

Almost my life minus the white, the piano and the non working.


Monday. So far not massively impressed. The last couple of weeks have been really good however so I can handle a bad day. Kind of. At the moment I stare out into nothing and look very grumpy. Good thing I only have one meeting today.

Fiona did healing on me yesterday and said my head didnt feel too busy. I think that would have been very different some months ago.

We were in Rye over the weekend. Oliver came and picked me up 7 am Saturday morning. If that was too early? Yes! Especially since the above was me the evening before having my dinner at midnight trying to pad out all the beer in my belly.

Maybe the early morning and slight hangover is why Miranda’s portraits of me was a collection of witches? She was blind drawing but still? I think I need some sleep getting my face back to normal, less witchy, state.

Hehe, this beats most of Olivers tries. Didnt think that was possible. Good thing im not too vain.

Woolly loves going down to Rye and minus trying to eat the cat was on best behavior. Pretty happy little monster.

Chocolate ball and mackerel keep the doctor away

Last nights dinner. I think im regressing when Oliver is not around. Woolly loved the left overs though so, maybe thats not a good thing (if you cant see what it is its tomato mackerel on hard bread. Delicious)

But before coming home I was out doing stuff. Crazy huh!? I went to the L’oreal sale and had to queue for an hour for my meager pickings. Once home I was pretty happy anyway. Its a couple of rouges, some hair oil, face stuff and some cleanser. I held back. Most people had bags of stuff but i would never use it.

After my crazy dinner I treated myself to some sweet stuff. Delicato ball and a clementine. Dont say I dont go over the top sometimes. Marie Antoinette had nothing on me.

Orange is the new black

This is me, in orange. Something to brighten up the day with. Worked amazingly well. I was happy all day long, even on the tube.

Im done and dusted with my therapy now for some time. Pretty great feeling, especially since it has helped as much as it has. Kind of emotional saying goodbye to M. We wrote each other letters and i got all ‘Thank you so much for all your help’ in mine to her. She has helped me massively and i feel ready to take on the world.

Nice walk in this morning. It was a pale sun but you cant really see it here. W and me spent the night on our own yesterday both missing Ol. W by sniffing around the window and creeping extra close in bed and me by watching all the girlie series i could think of.

Summer memories

Got some of Olivers pictures from this summer at the country house. Make me dream of sun, drinks and hanging with friends.

This last light. Paint everything in dreams. I wish the world could always just be this pink, summer light and everything would look way prettier.

Laura and Seb, they just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Feels like yesterday Laura moved to London to be with Seb. Very happy she did.

 Kix and Robin were having a moment. Stan decided he was part of that moment. Moments are better shared with friends anyway.

‘Hello in there little Spike’ Kix’s nightmare of everyone touching her belly when drunk came through. She looks happy though.

Love these two. Have a very lovely crew here in London. When you move you think you will never be able to meet as amazing friends as the ones you leave behind but after a while you realise that you now have even more awesome friends. Win.

 Group photo!

 Absolutely love my country house. Especially when it looks like this.

 Drunken Ella floating head.

 Yes they did it! Another one of the pyramids. I wisely stayed out of it and had another drink instead.

Captain Sweden walking in the forest. Not fair he is feeling as perky as he is, I was dying by this point.

 Going up for a swim. I had forgot how amazing the weather was. I want to go back. Now.

 Aaaaw, Kix, Robin and Alexander in Kix’s stomach.

Late night walks in the summer light. You forget how amazing it is (and what a sense of style I have when at the country house. It always surprises me)

Me and my kixilura. One of few sober pics of the 2 of us.It takes one of us to be pregnant for that to happen.

Me and my Oliver. ❤

The last session

Guess what!? You are going to get some more home pictures. Woop woop. Oliver left for the states last night so it was crazy packing and this morning it was just Woolla and me. Very lonely. And sleepy. W was almost unwakeable this morning.

Now he is sent off for the day and im heading to my last therapy session tonight. Crazy. Ive been going for 5 months now and its been very helpful. Writing a letter to M today on how this have felt and its happy and sad at the same time. Happy because how much i have learned and sad because its kind of scary out there on my own and ill miss my Wednesday sessions.

Made my packing ninja some food last night. The beautiful marriage that is sausage and fennel pasta.

I also bought a Christmas rose. I took the biggest one i could find. It was pretty big. W was sniffing it and deciding whether or not to munch away.

He decided against it (good for him) and decided to hope for sausage while giving us baleful eyes from the sofa. Little monster dog.


Its a lot of home stuff at the moment but that is because im, well, mostly home. Its proper autumn outside and with that comes the need of curling up on the sofa and watch movies. I have very little plans and spend my time lighting shit loads of candles (I might have a problem)

I bought a little pot of flowers last week, or, I thought they were flowers but it was used the bulbs. So i planted them and hoped for the best and yesterday I could see something poking up.

Look, something is happening.I feel like a gardening ninja. Who knew I had such untapped potential. Maybe I should make my home into a jungle and refuse to leave? That would be nice.